Mcdonald’s Egg Mcmuffin

The Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s, which has been one of the most popular breakfast sandwiches on the menu since its introduction in 1972, contains 350 calories and 19 grams of fat, according to McDonald’s nutritional information. 

Nutrition Facts… In contrast, the Big Mac (550 calories) has less than half the calories and fat as the Egg McMuffin — 13 grams of fat compared to 19 grams. 

While this may seem like bad news if you like breakfast at McDonald’s, there are some things you can do to cut back on the number of calories and fat you get with your order.

About McDonald’s

In over 100 countries around the world, McDonald’s is one of America’s most recognizable brands. Founded in 1940, McDonald’s has become a cultural icon and symbol of American capitalism. The company serves over 69 million customers each day in 119 countries. 

More than 80% of its restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees, with a goal to employ 1 million people worldwide. 

A typical Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s contains about 350 calories, which is about 11% of an average person’s daily caloric intake. 

A person on a 2,000-calorie diet should eat only 2 eggs per week, so ordering this sandwich could result in overeating. For example, one large order of McDonald’s French fries contains 900 calories. If you have ordered a full meal containing both your breakfast sandwich and fries from McDonald’s, you would have consumed a whopping 4700 calories for breakfast alone! 

A healthy breakfast alternative is to order egg whites instead of whole eggs for your McMuffin.

How the Mcdonald’s Egg Mcmuffin was Created

At breakfast time, McDonald’s restaurants across America would sell a lot of poached eggs. And, to accommodate their customers who wanted scrambled eggs or omelettes, McDonald’s would scramble some extra eggs and have them on hand to be added to toast and then topped with cheese. 

These makeshift omelettes were so popular that they spawned a chain of events that led to one of McDonald’s most popular menu items today: 

The Egg McMuffin. In 1972, Herb Peterson was the owner-operator of a Santa Barbara restaurant called PJ’s Pancake House. 

One day while he was preparing his breakfast egg dish—scrambled eggs served between slices of toast—a man came in for coffee and said he had been served something similar at the Golden Arches back in 1965 but couldn’t remember what it was called. Mr. Peterson said he thought it might have been an Egg McMuffin.

The History of the Egg McMuffin

The Egg McMuffin is a popular breakfast item at McDonald’s restaurants that consists of an egg, Canadian bacon, and a toasted English muffin. 

The muffins are marketed by Ronald McDonald in television ads that have been running since their introduction. And when it was first introduced, he made it his own secret recipe. 

However, the company now lists the following ingredients: One egg (or Egg Beaters), one slice of American cheese or processed cheese product, one strip of cooked Canadian bacon, and a toasted English muffin.

Nutrition Facts (for a single serving)

290 calories, 17 grams of fat (9 saturated), 6 grams of protein, and 330 milligrams of sodium. Eggs: 50 calories, 2.5 grams of fat (1.5 saturated), 6 grams of protein. Canadian bacon: 80 calories, 4 grams of fat (2 saturated), 3 grams of protein. American cheese: 60 calories, 5 grams of fat (3 saturated), 3g protein. English muffin: 140 calories, 1 gram of fibre, 830mg sodium. 

The nutritional value of the Egg McMuffin is a tad less than the nutritional value of a regular Mcdonald’s breakfast sandwich. 

The regular Mcdonald’s breakfast sandwich contains 390 calories, 25 grams of fat (12 saturated), and 7 grams of protein. 

The content of the two sandwiches is very similar in regards to their levels of protein and fats, with only 100 calories separating them. 

With this being said, one could assume that if someone were looking for something on the healthier side they would choose an egg McMuffin over a regular Mcdonald’s breakfast sandwich.

What is the Healthiest Breakfast From McDonald’s?

Many consumers say that their go-to breakfast is an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. A single McMuffin can contain up to 560 calories, which is not ideal for those who are trying to lose weight. 

Opting for a side of egg whites instead can help reduce your caloric intake as well as boost your protein count for muscle recovery and tissue repair. 

Protein is essential in any diet because it helps you feel full longer, boosts metabolism and protects against muscle loss. 

You could also substitute the English muffin with a lower-calorie bread such as an English muffin or whole wheat bun.

How Unhealthy is An Egg McMuffin?

The Egg McMuffin is one of McDonald’s most popular breakfast sandwiches. 

A large portion of it—the egg and English muffin—are both high in cholesterol, while the sausage is packed with fat. It contains 600 calories, which is more than a Big Mac! 

So if you want to keep your waistline slim and trim, I suggest skipping over to another meal option at McDonald’s. For instance, their fruit and yoghurt parfait packs in only 270 calories! 

If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, the Sausage Burrito has 430 calories. 

In comparison to other fast food options, this isn’t too bad when compared to say Taco Bell’s Chicken Biscuit (500 calories) or Burger King’s Sausage & Egg Sandwich (590).

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in an Egg McMuffin? You may be surprised to learn that one egg and two thin slices of Canadian bacon have more than a day’s worth of sodium, plus fat and cholesterol. 

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet while eating on the go, look for other breakfast options that are lower in calories and fat. 

No matter where you choose to grab breakfast, always eat your food slowly and enjoy every bite. Eating too quickly can lead to overeating, which is bad for your waistline. 

When ordering a sandwich or burger at fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, ask them to hold the bun if it contains high amounts of calories and carbs. Instead, order some fresh fruit or vegetables as sides with your meal to fill up without any added sugar or salt.

How Many Calories Are in an Egg McMuffin With Cheese?

According to McDonald’s website, one sandwich packs 360 calories, 17 grams of fat and 29 grams of protein. (Egg McMuffins are also available without the cheese.) 

The bun is made with butter, milk and eggs—meaning it’s high in saturated fat—while each slice of American cheese contains 50 calories. 

While the calorie count isn’t great for breakfast on its own, many people opt for an Egg McMuffin with a muffin or yoghurt as a lower-calorie breakfast option. 

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