Spicy Chicken Sandwich Burger King: Does it worth it?

Have you heard about the new spicy chicken sandwich Burger King? This sandwich sounds really good and it will excite you to try it soon. 

It looks like this new spicy chicken sandwich will be the best one in a long time at Burger King, which has been having trouble recently with its chicken sandwiches and trying to compete with other major fast food brands like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc. 

Now the question remains, will they release another Spicy Chicken Sandwich once this one sells out or will they replace it with something else? We’ll have to wait and see…

When You’re looking for comfort, it’s hard to beat a good burger, especially when you’re craving something that’s warm and filling. 

If you want to make your sandwich go farther, consider ordering it without cheese or bacon. 

You can always add these items later if you change your mind! But watch out for condiments—you might be surprised by how many calories are in some of them.

For example, two tablespoons of mayonnaise have over 100 calories; and while ketchup doesn’t sound like much at first glance (five calories per tablespoon), many ketchups contain upwards of 40 grams of sugar per serving—that’s nearly an entire day’s worth of added sugar in one sitting! Instead, opt for mustard or hot sauce instead.

Does Burger King have a spicy chicken sandwich?

The short answer is yes. Although it’s not currently listed on their menu, Burger King has offered a spicy chicken sandwich in various forms over time. 

They serve the current variety on a brioche bun with bacon and melted pepper jack cheese with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and red-hot sauce. It sounds hot (no pun intended) and not to be eaten without some sort of beverage to extinguish your burning taste buds. 

And if you like them extra spicy, there are two other variations available: one with jalapenos and another with habanero peppers. 

Both have similar ingredients but can be ordered extra spicy for an additional charge. When you’re avoiding carbs.

While most people opt for bread to soak up their favorite sauces, there are plenty of delicious alternatives—like lettuce. Lettuce leaves are not only one of the most versatile ingredients in any kitchen; they also pair well with almost any kind of sandwich filling. 

And if you’re trying to lose weight, consider ditching bread altogether! Some tasty low-carb options include: lettuce wraps, mini pitas and portobello mushrooms.

Just remember that these swaps aren’t a free pass to load up on your favorite toppings (think bacon, cheese and mayo).

If you want a more substantial meal, try adding half an avocado or a hard-boiled egg. You can even dip your sandwich into soup instead of using bread as a bun. 

Best part? These options still count as being within your recommended carb intake for the day. So, enjoy without guilt! 

Speaking of carbs, it’s crucial to know how many you should eat daily. That number is different for everyone depending on how active you are and what your goals are (i.e., whether you want to bulk up or slim down), but some nutritionists recommend aiming for between 20–50 grams per day.

Is Burger King’s spicy chicken sandwich good?

The Spicy Chicken sandwich from Burger King is definitely spicy and a pretty good alternative to their other sandwiches. 

But there are better, tastier, healthier chicken options out there that may be a better fit for your diet. 

For example, Chick-fil-A’s Grilled Market Salad with Grilled Chicken (no dressing) has 250 calories and 8 grams of fat. It’s also high in protein at 32 grams per serving.

 If you want to go even lighter on calories, try Subway’s 6-inch Roasted Chicken Breast Sub with veggies (no cheese or sauce). 

It has only 200 calories but still packs in 26 grams of protein—and it tastes much better than BK’s offering! And if you don’t mind going over 500 calories, Wendy’s Crispy Chicken BLT salad offers 380 calories and 7 grams of fat, along with 27 grams of protein. Plus, it contains more veggies than anything else on our list: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and black olives! Yum! If you need something with a bit more spice, Taco Bell’s Cantina Power Bowl will get your taste buds dancing.

 Not only does it have 15 grams of protein, but it has 4g net carbs (5g total carbs minus 1g fiber), 13g fat and 480 calories—without all of those unnecessary ingredients found in fast food.

What comes on the Spicy Chicken Sandwich Burger King?

The Spicy Chicken Sandwich Burger King has a spicy southwestern chicken patty with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and mayo. And, just like its original chicken sandwich counterpart, it comes on a toasted multigrain bun. 

So how does it compare to McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich? Let’s take a look! How many calories are in a Spicy Chicken Sandwich?: A single Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Burger King has 510 calories—not bad for an indulgent fast food option! In comparison, one of McDonald’s two-patty sandwiches clocks in at 470 calories. 

How many grams of fat are in a Spicy Chicken Sandwich?: One Spicy Chicken Sandwich contains 26 grams of fat, which is almost double what you’ll find in a regular chicken sandwich (13 grams). 

What kind of sodium is in a Spicy Chicken Sandwich?: Each serving contains 1,120 milligrams (mg) of sodium—almost half your recommended daily intake. This is more than double what you’ll find in most other BK items.

What is the sauce on Burger King chicken sandwich?

The BK Spicy Chicken has a tangy Carolina-style sauce that’s a little sweet, but it’s not barbecue. The addition of pickles is unusual, and so is its crispiness. 

But these traits differentiate it from your run-of-the-mill chicken sandwich. If you like spicy food and are looking for something different from what you get at most fast-food restaurants, try it. 

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