Braums Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

In the words of the restaurant itself, “Braums breakfast menu offers many options to satisfy every taste.” While I rarely trust brands, Braum’s was incredibly honest there, and there are no options other than to quote them directly.

However, what do you do when you get to Braum’s, only to find out that you can’t find an option to satisfy your taste because you’re late? In that case, you should simply sit back, read this article, find out when the Braum’s breakfast hours start and end, and ensure to always get there on time.

The only way I can help you get to Braum’s on time every day is by providing you with the breakfast hours. Since I’m a naturally helpful guy, this article will show you when Braum starts and stops serving breakfast. Besides that, you’ll also learn about some items on its breakfast menu, since it’s relevant.

When Does Braum’s Start Serving Breakfast?

If you’re rushing to get Braum’s signature Big Country Breakfast Dish as soon as possible, you may want to know when the restaurant serves its breakfast. Realistically, it’s almost unrealistic to be too early for Braum’s breakfast unless you’re traveling or doing a special job.

If 6:00 am isn’t too late for your breakfast, Braum’s can always remain your favorite restaurant. On weekdays and weekends alike, you can only start ordering from any Braum’s outlet at 6:00 am, which is a full hour earlier than the average among restaurants in the United States.

However, you shouldn’t expect the Braum’s outlet near you to be open by 6:00 am exactly. Because of individual differences and government policies, some restaurants with Braum’s branding do not open until 7:00 am, even if it wasn’t shown on the website.

Also, Braum doesn’t serve breakfast all day. At a certain time, the restaurant switches to the lunch menu, and most items on the breakfast menu stop being available. I’ll discuss the ending hours for breakfast at Braum’s in the following section.

Finally, expect slight or even wild variations, as stated above. The only way to be sure is to have official confirmation from an employee or customer service agent in the restaurant. With that said, let’s analyze when Braum stops serving breakfast.

When Does Braum’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

As shown earlier, Braum doesn’t serve items from the breakfast menu all day. While larger restaurants with more staff may pull that off pretty easily, it is difficult when you try to replicate such a feat in an organization like Braum’s.

Since the executives haven’t successfully figured that out yet, Braum still doesn’t serve breakfast when it’s past 10:30 am. Frankly, that figure is quite poor, given that hotels that aren’t even full restaurants are serving breakfasts for longer hours. 

However, don’t always take our words for it. It’s not uncommon for a restaurant like Braum to go against its official statements or what they put up on its website. What you hear from employees working at the restaurant should supersede whatever I write here, or what appears on the restaurant’s website.

To speak to a qualified customer service agent at Braum’s, you can get the number at the Location’s section of their official website. Ensure that the number you get is for the location you’re patronizing, and put a call through to ask if you can get breakfast that late.

Does Braum’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Another question that fans commonly ask about Braum’s is if they serve breakfast all day, which they don’t. Judging from the preceding sections, you can already tell that Braum doesn’t serve all-day breakfast, especially judging by its definition in the United States.

However, there are certain items on the breakfast menu that you can replicate to create a breakfast-like dish in the afternoon or evening. Doing something similar to that will give you an experience similar to what an all-day breakfast offers.

However, it’s still crucial to note that it’s still wildly different from a breakfast. First, most outlets won’t serve anything significant from the breakfast menu throughout the day, making any efforts to do something similar almost useless.

Braums Breakfast Hours

All of the Braum’s outlets should start serving breakfast from 6:00 am throughout the week. They stop serving breakfast by 10:30 am.

Braum’s Breakfast Menu

Since you already know when Braum opens and closes for breakfast, it’s important to know what you’re missing whenever you’re late. While every item on Braum’s breakfast menu is delicious, I’ll only be listing some of the fan-favorites due to time constraints.

Here are some of the most loved items on Braum’s breakfast menu that you should consider checking out someday.

  • Bagel Sandwich

Starting from my favorite, the bagel sandwich carries scrambled eggs and dairy cheese, as well as your choice from bacon, ham, or sausage. The description doesn’t do enough justice to the food’s taste; just grab it on your next visit to Braum’s.

  • California Chipotle Breakfast Burrito

First, this dish isn’t exclusive to Braum’s customers in California. You can always get it, regardless of which part of the United States you live in. However, the additional guacamole and chipotle sauce on top of the regular Braum’s breakfast burrito gives this breakfast dish its charm.

  • Big Country Breakfast

Not everyone loves sandwiches, burgers, or burritos for breakfast. The Big Country Breakfast is unique to Braum’s, and it provides a break away from the regular sandwich and burritos. It comprises scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, and a baked buttermilk biscuit. While this dish is pricier than the others, it’s 100% worth every cent.

Does Braum’s Serve Oatmeal?

Yes, Braums does offer oatmeal, but it is not the only option. Other breakfast items include pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, and French toast.

How Many Calories Are In a Breakfast Burrito From Braums?

A braums breakfast burrito contains 447 calories.


From the big country breakfast to the iconic California chipotle breakfast burrito, it’s just impossible to hate Braum’s breakfast offerings. However, you must show up within the specified breakfast hours to show your love, as the restaurant only serves breakfast at very specific hours.

This article has discussed these breakfast hours in-depth and has provided tips on not arriving late. Also, I’ve provided some items from Braum’s breakfast menu to show you what you’re missing out on if you missed breakfast.


What kind of breakfast items does Braum’s serve?

Braum’s serves a variety of breakfast items, including breakfast sandwiches, burritos, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal.

Does Braum’s serve breakfast on weekends?

Yes, Braum’s serves breakfast every day, including weekends.

Can I order Braum’s breakfast items for takeout or delivery?

Yes, most Braum’s locations offer takeout and some even offer delivery through third-party apps.

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