Dairy Queen Menu with Prices 2023: [updated]

In today’s article, I will show you the Dairy Queen menu with prices. One of the main reasons Dairy Queen is a pretty popular restaurant is the sheer collection of foods on its breakfast menu. It doesn’t matter whether you’re vegan or on a diet, there’s always something interesting to eat at any of the outlets in this restaurant chain.

Dairy Queen serves some of the best ice cream desserts in the United States, since that’s their specialty. However, you can also stop at any of its outlets later in the day to pick up one of the palatable items on lunch or dinner menus to eliminate your hunger.

If you can’t get your hands on the menu from the restaurant, however, you’ll need something from an external source to see your options. In this article, I’ll show you some foods on the Dairy Queen menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dairy Queen Breakfast Menu

Thanks to the natural items that Dairy Queen offers, it’s a better breakfast destination than most restaurants in the United States. Oddly, the restaurant doesn’t offer breakfast during the industry-standard hours; rather, the breakfast can be described as somewhat late.

Dairy Queen serves breakfast by 10:00 am and switches to the lunch menu by 11:00 am. Here are some of the best items on the breakfast menu that make waiting for that worthwhile.

  • Biscuit Sandwich

The biscuit sandwich is probably the cheapest item on the menu if you’ll ignore the sides completely. It contains fresh eggs with bacon and cheese on freshly baked buttery biscuits. The entire package goes for $2.49 and makes the perfect breakfast.

  • Ultimate Breakfast Burrito

If you’re not willing to match biscuits with bacon, you can opt for the ultimate breakfast burrito, which is a nearly complete breakfast meal. They have just enough calories to be healthy while costing $3.79. Compared to other breakfast burritos, it’s cheap, but it’s one of the most expensive breakfasts here.

  • Sausage Biscuit Twin Pack

Admittedly, this sausage biscuit is not the healthiest item on the Dairy Queen menu, but it’s one of the tastiest. Read any review and you’ll see customers praising its excellence—but in the taste category. It also has pretty modest pricing, costing only $3.79.

Oreo Cookies Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Sundae$ 3.99$ 4.49$ 5.59
M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candies Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Butterfinger Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Snickers Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99
Heath Blizzard Treat$ 5.39$ 6.79$ 7.79$ 8.99

Dairy Queen Lunch Menu

Lunch is kind of like an afterthought with Dairy Queen, since most of the items they offer are better for mornings. However, the restaurant offers a wide variety of foods for lunch and they prove to be very good options, at least according to how they taste.

All the items on the lunch menu at Dairy Queen are available by 11:00 am after the breakfast menu, and are usually available until 4:00 pm, just before switching to the dinner menu. Here are some of the most delicious items on the Dairy Queen menu with their respective prices.

  • Bacon Cheese GrillBurger

Burger lovers would be delighted to learn that the food is an option at Dairy Queen, while lovers of bacon will find this item delicious. Not only does it contain cheese and bacon, but it also features other niceties like tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and onions. This burger only costs $4.19.

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Since I’m a great fan of chicken sandwiches, the crispy sandwich looks like the best item on the menu for me. It comprises chicken breast with a crispy texture, topped with generous amounts of lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo while costing a respectable $4.09.

  • Triple Flamethrower

This doesn’t sound like your regular food, and honestly, looking at a picture, you’ll admit it doesn’t look like your regular burger either. You get three stacks of bacon with the burger, topped with tomatoes and everything else that comes with a regular burger. Given how humongous it looks, it’s a surprise that it sells for $6.09.

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Did I say I love chicken sandwiches? That this appears here only drives the point home. While it’s not very different from the crispy variant, it doesn’t have that same crispy texture. Apart from that, the crispy chicken sandwich and the grilled chicken sandwich are the same, even price-wise.

  • Chili Cheese Dog

While hotdogs aren’t the heaviest foods out there, biting into a hot dog for lunch is a tradition that has to remain protected. To help that, Dairy Queen serves a chili hotdog with cheese that sells for only $2.89. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible, you shouldn’t miss this meal.

Dairy Queen Dinner Menu

It doesn’t seem like Dairy Queen has any dedicated dinner menu at the moment. You can only order from the lunch menu from 11:00 am until the outlet closes. If the lunch menu looks enticing to you, you already have an exciting dinner destination in Dairy Queen.

Before walking into the restaurant to pick up dinner by midnight, it’s crucial to note that most Dairy Queen outlets close around 10:00 pm. There is no mandated closing time for all locations, and your mileage may vary, depending on what part of the United States you’re staying in.

People that live in busier areas are a lot more likely to have Dairy Kings that close late since it’s usually busy all day long. However, duller cities close early, thanks to the boredom brought on by the lack of customers asking for dinner.

What is the cheapest meal at Dairy Queen?

Here are some of the cheap items you can get from the Dairy Queen Menu for between $5 and $7. The individual regular hot dogs and the Chili Cheese dogs are between $2 and $3. The Grillburgers include the bacon cheese grillburger, flamethrower grillburger, cheese grillburger, and mushroom Swiss grillburger. The grillburgers are between $3 and $4.

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We know to see the menu before walking into a branded outlet. To make that easier, here is a compilation of the best items on the Dairy Queen menu, spread across breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Note that there’s no dedicated dinner menu and you’ll have to use the lunch menu, which is awesome.

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