McDonalds Lunch Hours 2023: (updated)

Everyone understands that McDonald’s is one of the best restaurants in terms of breakfast, but nobody is saying anything about the excellent lunch. Truth be told, the company serves one of the best lunch dishes in the country, thanks to the excellent breakfast-like burgers.

While there are no specific breakfast hours at McDonald’s, you shouldn’t expect that to carry over to lunch. The restaurant only serves all-day breakfast; it hasn’t introduced any all-day lunch or dinner that anyone here knows of. There are still specific hours you must follow if you need to get a hearty lunch at the restaurant.

In this article, you’ll learn the McDonalds lunch hours and why you should care. Also, I’ll outline some of the best items on the McDonald’s lunch menu to help you decide what to get on your next visit to the restaurant.

When Does McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch?

According to the hours on the McDonald’s official website, you can start ordering food items from the McDonald’s lunch menu from 10:30 am, when they historically stopped serving breakfast. Since the fast-food chain now offers all-day breakfast, you can order both breakfast and lunch items once it’s 10:30 am.

Unlike the breakfast menu, you can’t order all the items on the McDonald’s lunch menu all day. Wait until they serve before you can have your favorite item on their menu. Since they have official hours, you don’t need to guess when to show up for lunch.

In some outlets, the items from the lunch menu won’t be available until 11:00 am because of the high demand for breakfast. Some McDonald’s outlets will also start serving lunch from 11:00 am on weekends for the same reason.

These figures might be official, but it’s not always accurate. Some McDonald’s outlets are franchised, meaning they’re not wholly controlled by the company. Instead, whether to serve earlier or later depends on the owner of the outlet you’re patronizing.

One certain thing, however, is the fact that you’ll always get lunch. You can also rest assured that your breakfast won’t exceed 11:00 am since McDonald’s has a requirement that all franchisees must start serving before then.

Other than that, however, the outlets have the liberty to choose a time that’s most convenient for them. As evidenced by their admissions on Twitter, many McDonald’s locations choose to serve lunch somewhat later than others.

When Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Lunch?

As soon as McDonald’s starts serving from its lunch menu, it doesn’t stop until the outlet closes. The same goes for dinner and breakfast menus, which place McDonald’s among one of the best fast-food chains across the United States.

However, if you’re patronizing a 24-hour McDonald’s outlet, they’ll stop serving from the dinner menu by 5:00 am to give way for the breakfast menu. This makes sense, given that nobody wants a morning dinner.

Unlike the starting time for lunch, there isn’t much dispute about when different McDonald’s outlets stop serving from the lunch menu for many reasons. First, nobody wants lunch after midnight when many of their outlets close.

Another reason is the fact that the breakfast menu is pretty close to the lunch menu at this fast-food chain. If you happen to miss lunch, you can make up for it using the very similar breakfast menu until the lunch menu is ready again by 10:30 or 11 am, depending on which restaurant you patronize.

McDonalds Lunch Hours

You can start ordering from McDonald’s lunch menu from 10:30 am to 5:00 am. If you want an item from the lunch menu at McDonald’s, you must show up after 10:30 am and before the restaurant closes.

Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch All Day?

Depending on your ideal definition of all-day lunch, the answer to this question could either be yes or no. Technically, McDonald’s doesn’t serve lunch all day because of the menu that doesn’t start until 10:30 am. However, most restaurants serve as soon as they open, qualifying for the all-day tag.

If you think of all day, as in throughout the afternoon until the store closes, then yes, McDonald’s serves lunch all day. As soon as they put up the menu for service, you can order items from the iconic menu until the turn of the day when the store finally closes or until 5:00 am, if there is no closing time.

However, if you think all-day breakfast means serving breakfast as long they’re open, McDonald’s doesn’t fulfill that requirement. McDonald’s restaurants only serve from the breakfast menu as long as they’re open; for the lunch menu, you can only order from 10:30 am.

It’s also important to note that the dinner menu is simply the same as the lunch menu, as they contain the same set of foods. It also starts and ends, subjecting it to the same set of rules as the lunch menu too.

McDonald’s Lunch Menu

The McDonald’s lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu. To allow for a variety of options for customers, there are so many options on the menu that you may experience difficulties choosing something good.

If you’re unsure what to have for lunch, consider going for the meal of the day. For most people, it’s usually a great option that doesn’t require you to think too hard. However, there are many other options if the meal of the day doesn’t sound appealing to you.

Options like the McChicken, Double Cheeseburger, World Famous Fries, McCafe Beverages, and Apple Pie are all compelling options for a hearty lunch at any McDonald’s outlet.

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McDonald’s is famous for its breakfast menu and rightly so because it doesn’t pay as much attention to the lunch menu as it should. It’s one restaurant that offers the best lunchtimes in the United States, but that you don’t get the same treatment as you do for breakfast leaves much wanting.

If you want an item from the lunch menu at McDonald’s, you must show up after 10:30 am and before the restaurant closes. While doesn’t seem hard, it’s just essential to know the restrictions that apply.

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