Mongolian Grill Menu With Prices 2023: (Updated)

BD Mongolian Grill is unlike any other restaurant in the United States since it supposedly serves Mongolian food. As proven multiple times before, what serves at the restaurant is not actual Mongolian food, but it makes an excellent way to pretend you’re out of the United States for some time.

Before walking down to a Mongolian Grill outlet for dinner or a party destination, it’s essential to know what’s on the menu. Using the menu items and their prices, you can plan your entire meal without going way out of your budget.

If you need to know the items available on the BD Mongolian Grill menu with prices, we’re here for you. In this article, I’ll show you how to find what items are on the menu using the restaurant’s official website. Besides that, I’ll list a few Mongolian dishes to help you get started with the restaurant’s food.

How to See the Mongolian Grill Menu Using the Website

BD Mongolian Grill offers a website with plenty of features to help you learn more about the restaurant. Besides that, you can submit orders, find locations, redeem your rewards, and book the catering service. You can also access the menu using the website to avoid having to read through a third-party website.

Unlike most other restaurants in the United States, BD Mongolian Grill has no menu options on the website’s homepage. In short, you can’t access a master menu for all the restaurant’s locations, but there’s a way to access a menu that’s tailored to each Mongolian Grill.

Here are the steps required to make it to the BD Mongolian Grill on the restaurant’s official website.

  • Open the Mongolian Grill website on your favorite browser

Of course, this guide is trying to show you how to access the menu items directly from your browser. It’s only natural that you’ll visit the official website ( as the first step to accessing the menu. You can use any of the modern browsers to access the website, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

To get to the BD Mongolian Grill website, you can enter the web address directly at Alternatively, you can simply search for the restaurant’s name on any search engine and the quoted URL should be the first result (click nothing else).

  • Click on the red “Order Online” button on the homepage

After loading the website, see several images moving in a slideshow-like manner, having distinct calls to action. Whenever you see a red button with the text “Order Online,” click on the button to take you to a list of all the Mongolian Grill outlets in the United States.

  • Select the outlet nearest to you to see their menu

When the website brings up a list of all the Mongolian Grill outlets, scroll through them until you find the one that’s closest to you. When you click on it, see a few lines displaying the address of the outlet and a relevant phone number to call for inquiries.

Scroll down a bit and you’ll see tens of dropdowns that you can click to expand the menu. From there, you’ll notice that the website indeed has all the items on the Mongolian Grill menu, just personalized to ensure each customer is seeing only the items that they can order.

Not only can you find the menu items this way, but it also comes with the prices. Compared to all other restaurants that I’ve reviewed over the years, this has been the most ingenious method of displaying items on a menu.

Mongolian Grill Menu with Prices

The Mongolian Grill menu is straightforward since there are no segmentations into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant only has a single menu that becomes available when they open by 11:00 am until they close whenever your nearest outlet stops serving.

If the Mongolian Grill restaurant nearest to you is still serving, here are some of the items you should be able to get on the menu.

  • Buddha Garden Bowl

Given how much Mongolian Grill promotes this signature blend of spices, carrot, pepper, and chicken, you can easily tell that it’s a new recipe. It has lots of vegetables and other ingredients, including green beans and sprouts all for a price of $13.99 at most outlets.

  • Teriyaki Bowl

The Teriyaki Bowl recipe is not unique to Mongolian Grill, but they do it just as well as you’ll find it in any of the US restaurants. For only $13.99, you’ll get your choice of protein with assorted toppings like mushrooms, green bell peppers, green onions, and pineapple in a delicious Teriyaki sauce. 

  • Garden Veggie Bowl

The Garden Veggie Bowl also features the Teriyaki sauce, but it isn’t the main star of the show like with the Teriyaki Bowl. Here, you get any protein of your choice with yellow onions, green peppers, broccoli, garlic, and Teriyaki sauce to make a dish that looks very green and is healthy for you. The entire bowl costs $13.99 unless you want to add something else that’s not included.

  • The Shareable Trio

Mongolian Grill has many appetizers, including egg rolls, Baoballs, fried rice side, and potstickers, all coming at varying prices. However, you don’t have to choose a single appetizer from the menu; you can create a shareable trio by mixing three items from the appetizer menu; a great deal.

What kind of noodles do Mongolian grills use?

As their customer, they left it for you to decide the type of noodles that you like. Aside from the Asian noodles, you can use the spaghetti pasta as it is tasty and healthy.

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BD Mongolian Grill is not a Mongolian grill, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Instead of blindly copying something already in existence, the creators came up with their unique menu that has proven successful over the years.

The restaurant’s outlets don’t serve breakfast; if you get there before 11:00 am, you’ll always meet a closed door. However, if you’re willing to wait until they open officially, there are a plethora of delicious meals that will make the perfect lunch without making a dent in your wallet.

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