How to Find Pal’s Restaurant Near Me 

Pal’s Sudden Service claims to be one of the leading American restaurant chains, just like every other restaurant in the country. It operates primarily through drive-ins, as most of the restaurant’s outlets have no options for dine-ins. Over the years, that strategy has worked, although the restaurant hasn’t scaled massively.

If you want one of Pal’s burgers or biscuits, you’ll certainly have to drive to the nearest outlet. However, how can you drive to a Pal’s location when you don’t even know where it is? Sure, you can easily ask around, but I bet none of your neighbors knows a restaurant with only thirty locations.

Fortunately, we know all restaurants and we’re willing to help. In this article, I’ll show you how to find a Pal’s restaurant near you using the store locator feature on Pal’s website. Also, you’ll learn alternative ways to find it if Pal’s website is inaccessible.

How to Find a Pal’s Restaurant Near Me

Pal’s is a small fast-food chain compared to most of the restaurants that we cover on this website. While alternatives like Burger King and McDonald’s have thousands of outlets in hundreds of countries, Pal’s has only thirty locations in a handful of cities in the United States.

However, size is not the only factor that matters in choosing a great restaurant; Pal’s appeals to customers in ways other than the sheer size of the restaurant. For one, they have a collection of the friendliest workers among US fast-food outlets, thanks to their excellent treatment of their employees.

Ordering an item from Pal’s will want to make you place an order again. What’s better than buying from someone who receives your order with smiles suggesting that they’re happy to take your order? That’s exactly what 200 hours of training does to the average employee of a US fast-food outlet.

However, this article isn’t a Pal’s commercial, I should explain how to get to the nearest Pal’s drive-in. Learning why you’ll ever need to use the drive-in is also important and is what I explained in the paragraphs above. 

With that out of the way, here are the methods you can use to find the nearest Pal’s restaurant from your mobile phone or computer.

Finding a Pal’s restaurant near me using the store locator

Pal’s might be a small restaurant with only a handful of active stores, but it also has a working website you can use to check out the menu and learn about the company. In addition to learning about the possibility of having a career with the fast-food outlet, you can also locate the nearest Pal’s from the website.

Locating individual outlets of the restaurant chain is only possible because of the store locator feature built directly into the official website. It’s an index of all the Pal’s restaurants that you can browse by entering your area or finding it on a map.

Here are details of finding a Pal’s outlet using the store locator.

  • Go to the Pal’s official website on your favorite browser

The option to locate a Pal’s outlet is available on the official website of Pal’s Sudden Service. In addition to locating the nearest restaurant, you can also learn about the possibilities of getting a job, get nutritional information about the foods that the restaurant serves, etc.

There are many ways to access Pal’s website, but the easiest way is to enter the web address ( into your favorite browser on a mobile phone or computer. Alternatively, you can search Google for Pal’s Sudden Service and the first result should be the restaurant’s official website.

For the best experience, it’s recommended to view the website on a large screen, like on a laptop or desktop computer. Otherwise, you may have to scroll through a long list to find the nearest Pal’s restaurant to your current location.

  • Navigate to the Locate Pal’s page

The Pal’s store locator is officially referred to as Locate Pal’s on the website. Also, it’s hidden behind the Locations hyperlink that’s visible on every page of the restaurant’s website, including the Locate Pal’s page itself. Simply click on that link to take you to the store locator on the website.

Pal’s doesn’t instantly prompt you to enable your geolocation services, as it doesn’t require it to offer you the store locator function. With only 30 locations across the country, they could simply list every location and leave you to scroll through, and that’s just what they did, but with a twist.

  • Find the nearest Pal’s outlet

When you arrive at the Locate Pal’s page, you can find the nearest restaurant in three ways. First, you can scroll to the list of restaurants at the bottom and read through it to find the one nearest to you. While that sounds practical, don’t expect it to be available when Pal’s starts to expand, since it gradually becomes more cumbersome.

Another option is enabling your geolocation services and clicking on the “Locate Pal’s Near Me” button below the input field with “Zip Code” as its placeholder. That should automatically find your location and calculate what Pal’s location is nearest to you. Then, you’ll see a list of the restaurants in order of nearness.

The last and most practical option is simply entering your zip code in the provided input field. That way, you’re immune to discrepancies in your GPS, and you also don’t have to scroll through 30 boring addresses to choose the one that looks like is closest to you.

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Pal’s may not have more than 30 locations, but they have thousands of loyal customers fascinated by what happens every day at the fast-food outlet. If you’re one of these customers, you may want to learn the nearest Pal’s to you each time you move to a new location.

With this article, you don’t have to ask around anymore. Here, I showed you how to find a Pal’s restaurant near you using the store locator feature on their website.

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