When Does Arbys Start Serving Lunch?

Arby’s used to serve lunch until around two years ago, but due to declining sales, they stopped offering it and now only serve breakfast and sandwiches all day. 

The hours of operation are: Monday-Friday, 6:00 am-3:00 pm; Saturday, 7:00 am-4:00 pm; Sunday, 7:00 am-11:00 pm.

While the chain has declined in popularity, Arby’s may be your best bet if you’re looking for a place to get some meat at odd hours when nothing else is open.

When is Arby’s open

Arby’s is open from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm Monday through Saturday and from 10:30 am to 10:00 pm on Sundays. On weekdays, they serve breakfast until 10:30 am, and lunch and dinner start at 11:00 am. 

On weekends, Arby’s serve breakfast all day, starting at 10:30 am. They also offer a Kids’ Meal with a choice of one of five options – chicken strips, mini roast beef sandwich, turkey go round, Jr. roast beef sandwich, or Jr. ham & cheese sandwich – as well as an entrée sized drink and a side dish of either french fries or apple slices with a dip for just $3.99 (prices may vary). 

The Junior Roast Beef Sandwich costs $2.79 alone without the meal deal! If you don’t have time to stop by during the workday, you can order online via their app or website, where it will be ready when you get there. 

You can even order your favorite classic orders ahead of time so that when you require a quick bite, your food will be waiting for you in their drive-thru window

Where is Arby’s located?

Arby’s is a fast-food restaurant chain in the United States and Canada. Forrest and Leroy Raffel, owners of a restaurant equipment business who thought there was an opportunity in the quick-service food industry found the company in Boardman, Ohio, in 1964. 

Arby’s has been in the lunch business since it first opened its doors, and it continues to serve up fresh sandwiches and other meals every day. 

So when does Arby’s start serving lunch? As soon as it opens its doors! At 11:00 am sharp, you can head on over to your nearest Arby’s for their new Smoked Turkey & Bacon Sandwich with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

Or if you’re looking for something lighter, try their Roast Beef Sliders with horseradish sauce or Mediterranean Veggie Wrap with roasted red peppers, spinach, and feta cheese. 

You won’t want to miss out on this deliciously yummy menu at noon every day – what are you waiting for? Head on over to your nearest Arby’s and enjoy some great lunch options today!

When Does Arbys Start Serving Lunch?

Many Arby’s locations serve lunch at 10:30 am, although some stores may start earlier or later depending on their location and operating hours. 

For example, stores in malls or airports may open earlier to accommodate customers looking for a quick bite before their flight. 

If you’re unsure about when your local Arby’s serves lunch, you can always give them a call to find out. 

You can also visit Arby’s website, which lists specific store hours. 

First, we take the roast beef made fresh each day by our Master Roasters and slow cook it with care overnight so it’s as tender as possible. 

The following day, we place it on an oven-ready French roll along with cheese, crisp onions, lettuce, and our signature sauce, then put it in the oven until everything is warm and gooey. 

It’s like eating a hot roast beef sandwich – but even better! We serve it up hot on an oven-ready French roll, piled high with crispy onions, freshly sliced lettuce, and creamy white American cheese. 

It all comes together to create a flavor explosion that makes this sandwich hard to resist.

But remember to double-check because every store is different. For example, in Tucson, Arizona, only two locations offer lunch on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 2 pm; on Fridays from 11 am to 3 pm; and all day on Sundays. 

In contrast, every single one of their restaurants in Phoenix offers lunch all day long during those days, as with anything, it pays to do your research! 

You can find out when each Arby’s location opens for lunch and plan accordingly. If your favorite location doesn’t serve lunch, check out the nearest restaurant that does or order online to skip the line altogether.

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This article has explained the Arby’s lunch hours. We also revealed some other things you need to know about the USA fast-food chain. Use the comment section to drop your questions.

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