How to Find Bojangles Restaurant Near Me

Bojangles offers a unique collection of freshly made biscuits and spicy chicken that you can’t find anywhere else in the United States. 40 years into the business, the restaurant is no longer a newbie in the American fast food industry.

While Bojangles may appear to be very popular among Americans, it only has 750 locations in 14 states of the country. Compare that to an alternative like Burger King with about 18,000 locations and you’ll learn why Bojangles still has a long way to go.

However, some Bojangles items make them stand out from the competition. If one of those items happens to be your favorite breakfast or lunch recipe, you may drive to the nearest Bojangles for a taste of the goodness.

In this article, I’ll show you how to find Bojangles Restaurant Near Me using the official store locator offered by the website. I’ll also show you a hack to get the same result without having to visit Bojangles’ website or use the store locator.

How to Find Bojangles Restaurant Near Me

There are hundreds of Bojangles restaurants spread across the United States, and the nearest one is usually a stone’s throw away. You can locate the nearest Bojangles restaurant using many methods, but the official method will always be preferred.

One of the possible methods is asking people, but that doesn’t always work, especially if you don’t live very close to one. Besides, people can’t always show you the specific directions to the nearest Bojangles, making it a pain to rely on instructions from a friend or neighbor.

Alternatively, you can use Google Maps or the official Bojangles store locator. The store locator is the locations page on their website that serves as the gateway to the index of every Bojangles outlet in the United States.

Here are the different ways to find a nearby Bojangles restaurant in detail.

Using the Locations option on the Bojangles website

The official Bojangles website is your one-stop joint for everything related to the fast-food outlet. You can get information about buying a franchise, working at Bojangles, and you can even access the restaurant’s menu.

However, all the extra functions don’t matter in this context, as we’re only dealing with finding Bojangles outlets. Here are the steps required to find a Bojangles restaurant near you using the Locations page on the restaurant’s website.

  • Open the Bojangles official website on your favorite browser

If Bojangles is one of your favorite fast-food outlets, you should consider adding the official website to your bookmarks, as it will come in handy down the line. As hinted above, there are many features on the website that are useful for customers, employees, and even investors.

That aside, you should consider visiting the website on your laptop or desktop computer to see the website in its full glory. The mobile version of the website will display the embedded maps improperly, and you may need the maps to check for the nearest Bojangles restaurants.

You can visit the Bojangles website by entering into the address bar on your favorite browser. Alternatively, you can pull up any modern search engine and enter Bojangles. With everything else being equal, the official website for the fast-food joint should be the first result.

  • Click on the Find a Bojangles option at the top right

When you get to the official website, the upper part of the interface should carry a slew of menus, with most on the left side. On the top right, however, you should see the Order Pickup option and another option that lets you “Find a Bojangles.”

Clicking on the Location option from the top left or the Find a Bojangles from the top right should take you to the same page: the store locator. During my testing, I discovered the Locations link is currently broken, so you might want to stick with the Find a Bojangles option until it’s fixed.

If your computer loads up a giant map on the left side of the interface and an input field that lets you enter your address at the right, you’re on the correct page. Otherwise, retrace your steps and ensure that you’re following the above instructions religiously.

  • Zoom and pan on the map or enter your address to find nearby Bojangles

If you have a laptop with a decent touchpad or touchscreen, you can use the map to find the Bojangles restaurants nearest to you. Otherwise, you may have to use the input field under the Find ABo on the right side of the interface.

Enter your zip code into the box and hit enter to bring up a list of all nearby Bojangles. Otherwise, you can click on the “Locate Me” option atop the box to have the website find your location automatically and bring up a list of the restaurants nearest to you.

Using your device’s maps app

If the Bojangles store locator sounds like too much work, you can simply use the Google Maps app on your smartphone. Simply search for Bojangles and Google will automatically pull all the nearby outlets of the restaurant. Select the one nearest to you to bring up more information about it.

Some of the information you can find on Google Maps include the operating hours, a phone number to contact customer service, and directions to get to the nearest outlet. You can also get most of these using the official Bojangles store locator, making it up to your discretion to use whatever you wish.


Bojangles has always been one of my favorite restaurants, solely because of the name. However, the name isn’t the only cool thing about the fast-food outlet, since you can get a wide variety of delicious items from the restaurant.

While we can’t get you a delicious breakfast or lunch from Bojangles, we can help you make your way there. As long as you get there within the operating hours, you should be able to get whatever you want from the restaurant.

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