Things To Know About Burger King Nuggets Calories

The Burger King Nuggets Calories is temporal on their menu. While we often think chicken nuggets of as unhealthy, children across the country can’t get enough of them. 

Burger King Nuggets Calories

Burger King has been serving up their crispy chicken nuggets for years, but how do they stay so crispy? With carefully engineered cooking techniques, high-quality chicken and proprietary seasonings, BK’s chicken nuggets are some of the best out there. 

The team at Burger King had a goal to offer the most delicious chicken nuggets on the market, and it seems they’ve hit that mark with flying colors!

Does Burger King have 10 nuggets for $1?

This 10-piece Nugget Bucket is only available for a limited time, so if you’re a fan of chicken nuggets and have $1 to spare, you may want to head to your local Burger King as soon as possible. 

The bucket looks very similar to BK’s other fast food offerings, but one can’t help but notice that something doesn’t look quite right about these nuggets. 

At first glance, they appear to be totally normal, yep, those are chicken nuggets alright. But when you get up close and personal with them, there’s something else going on here. 

It seems like each nugget has been individually rolled in bread to make it extra crispy! That might not sound like such a big deal at first blush, but let me tell you: It makes all the difference in the world. 

The chicken meat itself

One aspect of all chicken nuggets that consumers rarely consider is how much more moist and flavorful chicken meat is when cooked in-house rather than frozen and shipped out. 

For example, look at McDonald’s nutrition facts for their popular grilled and crispy chicken sandwich: both sandwiches have 330 calories, 15 grams of fat, 35 grams of carbs (including 7 grams of sugar), and 21 grams of protein. 

One difference between these two chicken options from McDonald’s? The grilled option uses 100% white meat chicken breast filets; while their crispy option uses flavor seared white meat chicken patty with seasoning and breading made with water, wheat flour, changed cornstarch, salt, partially hydrogenated soybean oil with TBHQ added to preserve freshness, garlic powder and onion powder. 

In other words, McDonald’s source of chicken doesn’t sound as appetizing as Burger King does. 

It makes sense then that when it comes to preparing chicken nuggets, BK actually mixes its own blend of herbs and spices into a proprietary batter mix so that each bite tastes consistent across every restaurant. Since Burger King uses freshly prepared chicken meat in its chicken nuggets versus pre-cooked/frozen or shipped/defrosted products like McDonald’s, it can be argued that BK’s crispy version has better quality ingredients overall.

Does Burger King do chicken nuggets?

Though it’s never called itself a chicken nugget, Burger King has offered fried chicken strips for over 20 years long before McDonald’s debuted its McChicken sandwich, which was one of their most popular products in decades. Why don’t we think of BK as a fried chicken powerhouse? Because it’s not. 

  • The chain actually sells chicken tenders (not strips), and they’re less crispy than McDonald’s version. 
  • The company is trying to change that with its new Chicken Nugget Crispy. 
  • It features all-white meat chicken coated in crispy breading and served with honey mustard sauce.

 But how does it stack up against McDonald’s standard? We put them head-to-head.

The oils they use

The best way to create a crispy and flavorful chicken nugget is to fry it in oil that has a high smoke point. 

The smoke point, or boiling point, of an oil is when its molecules begin to break down and become unhealthy. 

The most common oils you’ll find on grocery store shelves have relatively low smoke points, around 350 degrees F. But coconut oil and safflower oil both have higher temperatures (450 F) and make excellent frying mediums. Safflower oil has a particularly high heat tolerance; for example, McDonald’s fries their French fries in it. Plus, because these oils contain no cholesterol and don’t absorb any odors from other foods, they’re safe for use with other fried foods.

Why did Burger King stop selling 10 piece nuggets?

BK used to sell 10 piece nuggets but has since stopped. Here’s why. 

(For more, read: Burger King Nutrition Facts & Calories.) Why did they stop selling them? We reached out to a rep for Burger King and here is what we were told: As you know, chicken nuggets tend to be one of our most popular menu items.  

Over time, as with all products on our menu, we occasionally make small changes to recipes and ingredients in order to provide guests with their favorite foods at an affordable price. 

In 2010, when McDonald’s changed their recipe for McNuggets, it became necessary for us to follow suit with similar recipe changes on our nuggets in order to maintain consistency across all products in both companies’ portfolios. 

Our new recipe was made-to-order and served fresh by each restaurant daily. 

The result was that our chicken nuggets had a crispier texture than before, which customers appreciated. However, because of rising commodity costs combined with other factors such as increased competition from other quick service restaurants, we decided to discontinue offering 10 piece nuggets in 2013.

What size are Burger King nuggets?

The nuggets at Burger King range in size, but you’ll typically get between 6 and 10 pieces in a standard order. 

They’re available in packs of 5 or 25, which is obviously convenient if you know you’re going to be snacking on chicken all night (or at least for several hours). 

For reference, 10 BK chicken nuggets contain 260 calories and 13 grams of fat. That may seem like a lot—and it is—but it’s actually less than what you might find at other fast food chains. 

McDonald’s, for example, has 270 calories per serving in its grilled chicken snack wrap. 

And Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich contains 370 calories with 11 grams of fat. So BK isn’t doing too badly here.

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