How To Find Burgerville Restaurant Near Me

When you consider the fact that burgers first came into the scene around the 1880s, you may wonder how they’ve become a staple in the average American diet. Today, there are tens of restaurants established on the idea of selling burgers as the main food, with other fast foods as an afterthought.

Burgerville appears to be one of the best restaurants that focus on burgers, with a menu that includes signature dishes that have a distinct taste. If you’re a fan of the fast-food outlet, one of the first things you’ll do in a new environment is to find the nearest Burgerville restaurant near me.

There are several ways to find a Burgerville restaurant near you, with official solutions from the restaurant to help you find your way. In this article, I’ll show you some of the quickest ways to learn the routes to the nearest Burgerville locations using an internet-connectible device.

About Burgerville

As I hinted above, Burgerville is a private American restaurant and burger joint that has exactly 40 locations, spread unevenly across the United States. Even with the limited reach, the restaurant still banks scores of millions in revenue annually, since it’s the favorite to many.

The burger chain relies only on wind power for all of its operations for the environment, and it’s the largest restaurant to do that in the United States to this day. While the word “burger” appears in the restaurant’s name, it offers far beyond burgers, with options ranging from salads to sandwiches.

The restaurant also strives to patronize local providers only, claiming that 72% of the food they serve come from within Vancouver, where they’re primarily based. While I doubt that affects the customers’ choice of restaurant, it’s just a cool fact to know.

If you’re into freshly-sourced and cooked foods, Burgerville will be your best bet. Not only does the fast-food chain prioritize fresh produce and meats, but it also prepares fresh food constantly every day to ensure everyone tastes the best of whatever they order.

How To Find Burgerville Restaurant Near Me

I’ve already emphasized the excellence of what Burgerville offers and why you should care about ordering from the restaurant. However, there is certainly important information to learn about before trying to find the Burgerville restaurant nearest to you.

First, most of Burgerville’s restaurants are within Washington and Oregon; if you live outside both states, you should probably somewhere else. I haven’t heard of someone willing to drive across states solely for dining at Burgerville.

If you’re pretty sure there’s an outlet nearby, however, you can continue with the article. Here, I’ll show you the different ways to find a Burgerville restaurant near you using a phone or computer and an internet connection.

  • Using the Burgerville store locator

With only 40 outlets spread across a handful of cities, the Burgerville store locator doesn’t have a lot to do, but it exists anyway. For the uninitiated, the store locator is a feature on the website of many fast-food restaurants that lets customers find the outlets nearest to them directly from the website.

While smaller restaurants rarely have this feature, Burgerville can’t exactly be described as a small restaurant. Small would be the last word you’ll use to describe a restaurant that makes hundreds of millions annually across all outlets.

Before continuing, you might switch to a laptop computer, a desktop, or anything with a humongous screen. While the restaurant doesn’t require a large display, the store locator doesn’t always display correctly on a smartphone display, since it relies heavily on a map.

Once you get the device, follow the steps below to learn how to use the Burgerville store locator to find the restaurant nearest to you.

  • Open the Burgerville website on a modern browser

It’s essential to use a modern browser since almost all aspects of the website rely heavily on components that are only available in recent iterations of web browsers. Any of the recent versions of Google Chrome should work perfectly, and it’s available on all kinds of devices.

There are two ways to access the Burgerville website from Google Chrome; you can either enter the web address ( into the URL box or use Google Search. If you’re using the latter option, ensure that you’re clicking on the most appropriate option, which should come first anyway.

  • Navigate to the store locator feature on the website

When you open the Burgerville restaurant website, you should instantly notice a graphics-heavy website with plenty of images of burgers and fries. If you see anything else, you’ve most likely landed on another website and you should check the web address to ensure you’ve not made a mistake.

If you’re on the correct website, however, click on the Locations options from the menu at the top of the website’s interface. That should instantly take you to the Burgerville store locator. You can tell you’re there when you see a gigantic map on the right with a list of nearby Burgerville locations on the left.

  • Find a Burgerville outlet

You’ll need to enter your address into the search box to the left of the interface. Click on the search button to bring up a list of the Burgerville outlets that are nearest to the location you entered. Entering your location appears to be an unreliable way to find the nearest location.

An alternative is clicking on the “Use My Location” atop the text box in question. While that will require you to let the website use your location, it will also bring up the nearest Burgerville locations without you ever having to enter anything into the box.


Burgerville is an excellent burger outlet, but not as popular as most of its competitors. If you live in a location where a Burgerville is accessible, there’s no reason you shouldn’t patronize it for your breakfast or lunch occasionally.

In this article, I’ve shown you how to find a nearby Burgerville outlet using the official website. Alternatively, you can arrive at the same result by using Google Maps or Apple Maps, both of which you can get for free, depending on which smartphone you use.

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