How To Find Little Caesar’s Restaurant Near Me

Little Caesars probably serves the best pizzas of any restaurant in the United States, and I’m not exaggerating. In an age where almost every fast-food outlet relies on burgers and sandwiches, it’s a relief to see someone making a change by serving a mix of delicious Italian and Hawaiian pizzas.

The restaurant chain isn’t as popular as McDonald’s or Burger King at the moment, so you probably won’t find an outlet at every other corner. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the delicious burgers that they serve, especially as the restaurant itself makes it easy for you to find them.

In this article, I’ll outline all the ways by which you can find a Little Caesars restaurant near you. Also, you’ll learn a bit more about Little Caesars and why you should even care to get one of the insanely caloric items from their menu.

About Little Caesars

By 2017 statistics, Little Caesars has over 5,000 locations worldwide, headquartered in Michigan. While that doesn’t make it the most popular fast food outlet in the United States, it’s the third most popular pizza outlet if you’re going by the volume of sales alone.

Sometime around 1998, Little Caesars delivered what was the largest pizza order then, serving over 13,000 different pizzas. While Little Caesars is primarily known for pizzas, they aren’t the only items you can order from the large menu that the restaurant offers.

For a couple of dollars, you can get other items like the stuffed crazy bread and the cookie dough brownie. Little Caesars also recently started experimenting with some breakfast items to expand their pizza-laden menu. Up to this date, however, pizzas are only available in select Little Caesars outlets, making it unlikely that you’ll be getting one soon.

Besides a delicious menu of pizzas, Little Caesars also offers another excellent thing to customers; the website. The Little Caesars official website is a haven for everything about the website, offering sections where you can learn about the company.

Some of the website’s sections include the careers section where you can learn about the possibility of getting a job with the restaurant. You can also learn about franchising using the links, and of course, a section that lets you find the nearest outlets, maybe.

How to Find a Little Caesars Near Me

Like most other restaurants in the United States, Little Caesars has a fully functional website with a wide range of features that’s perfect for the average fast food outlet in the country. Unlike most other restaurants, however, there are big differences among the different Little Caesars outlets for different countries.

For example, there are no store locators on the official website for the United States. However, when you switch to the official Little Caesars Saudi Arabia website, you’ll see a “Branches” option that’s useful for locating the different outlets that the restaurant has in the country.

Thus, it’s difficult to give a single guide to cover all the different Little Caesars outlets for every country’s website. If the restaurant’s official website in your country appears to have a store locator, you can follow the steps in the first method. Otherwise, skip to the second method.

With that said, here are the steps required to find a Little Caesars outlet.

Finding a Little Caesars restaurant near me using the store locator

As hinted above, the store locator feature doesn’t work on the American version of the Little Caesars website. If you’re in the United States, skip to the next step to learn how to use Google or Apple Maps to find your way to the closest pizza outlet.

However, if you’re in one of the 26 other countries with Little Caesars, try your luck with using the store locator. Here are the steps required to use one, if at all the website offers it.

  • Visit your country-specific Little Caesars outlet.

This is a very crucial step in using the tool; visiting the general US version of the restaurant’s website wouldn’t let you access the feature. On a good day, it should redirect you to the version of the website if you try entering the general website address into your browser.

To visit the country-specific website, search for “Little Caesars (your country name)” on any search engine. For example, searching for “Little Caesars Singapore” should bring up, which is the correct web address for the Singaporean version of the website.

  • Navigate to the Locations page and find the nearest outlet

If your country’s version of Little Caesar’s has a store locator, you will see the Locations option somewhere around the header or footer. Click on it, and you should get to a page with a map and a list of all Little Caesars outlets around you.

Finding a Little Caesars restaurant near me using maps.

If you’re in the United States, rule out the possibility of finding any Little Caesars restaurant using the store locator option. The website doesn’t offer any features that let you find an outlet easily, at least not on the official website.

However, almost every Little Caesars outlet has an entry on both Google Maps and Apple Maps. ​Simply enter a search for Little Caesars and you should see all the outlets in order of their nearness to you. Choose whichever looks nearest and tap on directions to have your phone lead you to the location.


Pizza isn’t a staple in the average American diet. Growing a pizza outlet to be one of the most profitable restaurants in the United States is a commendable feat and Little Caesars deserves accolades for that.

However, you can’t eat the insanely popular pizzas if you can’t even find the restaurant. Since Little Caesars doesn’t have a store locator on its official US website, you’ll either have to use Google Maps or ask people for directions, whichever sounds better.

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