How To Find Dairy Queen Restaurant Near Me

In this article, you’ll learn how to find a Dairy Queen restaurant near me. There’s a pleasant trend with most 21st century restaurants; adding store locators to their official websites. You can find the location of the restaurant nearest to you by simply logging onto their official website and turning on the geolocation services of your computer or mobile phone.

Of every restaurant I’ve seen jumping on this trend, Dairy Queen has adopted it almost perfectly. Before showing you everything that Dairy Queen does right, it’s more appropriate to introduce this article in a better way than spoiling the entire content.

If you’ve ever wished you could have someone hold your hand and lead you to the nearest Dairy Queen, you do. In this article, I’ll show you how you can make the restaurant’s official website hold your hand and lead you directly to the Dairy Queen outlet that’s closest to you.

About Dairy Queen

With over 4,300 locations around the United States, it’s hard to describe Dairy Queen as a small restaurant. Chances are that if you love trying out different fast-food restaurants, you must have run into a Dairy Queen outlet at least once.

Dairy Queen is a chain of fast-food restaurants and soft-serve ice cream outlets that operate primarily in the United States, with a handful of locations outside the country. Since most of the items on the soft-serve ice cream menu are frozen, many Dairy Queen outlets are only available during the summer.

Over the years, however, the website has evolved to include even more locations, while serving a better collection of food items than you can find there just years ago. Stores that serve hot food are referred to as the standard stores, and they’re usually available throughout the year.

Dairy Queen is a subsidiary of International Dairy Queen Inc. a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. that’s managed by Warren Buffett if that has any effect on your breakfast. Since the information is widely available on the Dairy Queen website, I think they’re very proud of it.

I won’t eat at a restaurant solely because it’s linked to Berkshire Hathaway. However, I would eat at a website that makes it easier to find them, and that’s exactly what Dairy Queen is doing with their industry-leading “Find a DQ” page.

How To Find Dairy Queen Restaurant Near Me

Dairy Queen makes it super-easy to find a location, as I’ve emphasized multiple times in this article. First, it’s crucial to note that there are many ways to find a Dairy Queen restaurant, with or without an internet connection.

Without an internet connection, you can walk up to anyone and ask them to direct you to the closest Dairy Queen. If there are any nearby outlets, they should be able to roughly explain how to get there, even if it’s not the best way.

Alternatively, you can use the store locator feature on the website, which is my favorite of any US restaurant. Also, Google Maps and Apple Maps are excellent ways to find Dairy Queen, as they provide information about the restaurant, complete with operating hours and relevant phone numbers.

With that said, here are the steps required to find a Dairy Queen restaurant nearby.

Finding a Dairy Queen restaurant near me using the store locator

The store locator, officially known as “Find a DQ” on the Dairy Queen website is a feature built right into the website to help customers find their way to the nearest locations to them. It is so well-designed that it’s one of the best I’ve used compared to other restaurants.

For the best experience, consider accessing the website only from a laptop or desktop computer. While the mobile version can load up the “Find a DQ” page, you don’t want to see how the map looks without the large screen real estate of a desktop computer.

With that said, here are the steps required to find a Dairy Queen restaurant using the store locator.

  • Open the Dairy Queen website on a modern browser

While the Dairy Queen website is excellently designed, the perfect design comes at a cost; and that cost is how recent your browser is. If you use any random browser from the last decade, it will load everything improperly, messing up the excellent design of the Dairy Queen website.

Using the latest version of Google Chrome, enter into your address box to access the website. Alternatively, you can search for Dairy Queen on any search engine and the first result should be the homepage of the official website(

  • Click on Locations at the top menu

The store locator is hidden away in the “Find a DQ” page on the website; click on Locations from the top menu bar to access the Find a DQ page. If the website loads up a gigantic map, with an overlay with the words “Find a DQ®” in a weird bold font, you’re in the right place.

Here, you can find the Dairy Queen outlet closest to you in three different ways. First, you can select your location on the map and see nearby DQs in real-time. Alternatively, you can also enter the name of your city, state, or your ZIP code into the input box to find the nearest location.

If none of those options seem to work, can use the last resort, which involves selecting your state from the directory on the overlay. After selecting your state, you’ll also have to select a city, after which the website will bring up all the Dairy Queen outlets around you.


Dairy Queen seems to pay an extra deal of attention to their website, and it shows in the design and behavior of their store locator. Using the tool, you can easily find out the nearest Dairy Queen without ever having to fiddle with Google Maps or any navigation tool.

If the website doesn’t seem to work for a reason, it’s relieving to learn there’s an alternative. Simply search for “Dairy Queen” and you should see all the restaurants in order of their nearness to you.

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