Friendly’s Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

Friendly’s has been serving appetite-friendly breakfasts since 1935 when it was founded. While it started as an ice cream shop, it has since become a full-blown restaurant, serving some of the most popular breakfast dishes in the United States.

Like almost every other restaurant, Friendly’s has certain restrictions to the accessibility of its breakfast dishes. While it doesn’t sound well for restaurants to determine when we eat, US restaurants have already normalized the practice of setting breakfast hours.

It’s clear that it’s pointless trying to rebel against the system. The best you can do instead is to learn what breakfast hours apply to your favorite restaurants and try to get your food on time. To help you with that, this article will outline Friendly’s breakfast hours so you can worry about getting there on time.

When Does Friendly’s Start Serving Breakfast

The breakfast dishes served at your favorite restaurants don’t simply jump into existence. Someone has to rush to the restaurant earlier than you can get up in the morning, prepare the breakfast, and make it ready for you to eat. 

The significance of saying all that is to help you appreciate why breakfast hours exist. While some restaurants have been able to serve breakfast all day, including during the night, those are exceptions and not the norm. With normal outlets like Friendly’s, you’ll have to put up with restrictive breakfast prices.

Friendly’s doesn’t start serving breakfast until it’s 7:00 am, which may not sound abnormal to the regular person. However, if you’re part of the audience that this section is targeted to, you’ll understand that 7:00 am is a pretty late time to serve breakfast at a restaurant.

Most full-blown US restaurants serve breakfast by 6:00 am, with some crazy outliers serving super early breakfast by 5:00 am. Also, certain restaurants open 24/7, serving breakfast to the customers as late as they want.

While that business model may work for top restaurants with the funds to hire hundreds of employees that can keep the company running all day long, and sometimes even into the night. With smaller restaurants like Friendly’s, however, hiring more than they can currently afford is an excellent way to drive down the quality of food they make.

Summarily, always try to show up at Friendly’s before 7:00 am or there would be no breakfast for you. Breakfast hours at some of the most popular restaurants aren’t black and white. In the next section, I’ll show you how to confirm the quoted hours for certainty based on the specific outlet you’re eating at.

When Does Friendly’s Stop Serving Breakfast

While it’s important to note when a restaurant serves breakfast, it doesn’t matter to most of the population. Most people in the United States never need to eat breakfast as early as 6 am, but it’s not uncommon for people to oversleep and need a late breakfast.

Fortunately, Friendly’s serves breakfast until very late in the day, in most cases, taking the crown as the restaurant that serves the latest breakfasts. Of course, the crown is only valid when you agree to discount all restaurants that serve breakfast all day.

On weekdays and Saturdays, Friendly’s serves breakfast until 11:00 am when it officially switches to the lunch menu. On Sundays, however, you can order from the breakfast menu until noon with no changes to the time it serves the breakfast.

These hours are unrivaled across most restaurants in the United States, as the average time and US restaurant stops serving breakfast is 11:00 am. That the restaurant can delay its breakfast until noon is something to get excited about.

However, you shouldn’t always take our words for it. Some Friendly’s outlets serve breakfast much later than the quoted opening time and you may enjoy breakfast after 11:00 am or 12:00 pm on Sundays. The only way to confirm if you can or cannot have breakfast is by calling an employee at the specific outlet you’re visiting.

You can get a relevant phone number using the restaurant’s Locations page on its official website. There, you’ll find a list of all the restaurants branded Friendly’s, their opening and closing hours, and relevant phone numbers to call in the event of questions.

Friendly’s Breakfast Hours

Friendly’s serves breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. Always try to show up at Friendly’s on time or there would be no breakfast for you.

Does Friendly’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Another question that most people ask frequently is if you can get breakfast at Friendly’s all day. The answer to this question is no; Friendly’s is not one of those restaurants that lets you order from the breakfast menu throughout the day.

Once it’s 11:00 am on Mondays through Fridays or noon on a Sunday, you can only eat from the lunch menu. Since Friendly’s has an alluring collection of foods on its lunch menu, you should be able to find something that replaces your breakfast excellently.

Friendly’s Breakfast Menu

Friendly’s describes its omelets and pancakes as the perfect way to start your day. However, the items on the restaurant’s breakfast menu may not be available across all outlets. There are specific fan favorites that are usually available across all restaurants.

Some of the best items on the Friendly’s breakfast menu include the blueberry muffin top pancakes, which are self-explanatory. There’s also the Belgian waffle, the Brioche French toast, the buttermilk pancake, and several types of omelets.

There are also several kid-only options that your kids can grab on your next visit to a Friendly’s outlet. You should always rely on the menu at the specific restaurant you’re dining at, as it’s the only one that’s correct in this scenario.

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Friendly’s is the favorite of many, and their omelets and waffles never grow old. It doesn’t matter how much you love breakfast from the restaurant; you can’t possibly access it if you show up outside the breakfast hours.

In this article, I’ve outlined Friendly’s breakfast hours and what kinds of foods are available. You’ve also learned if the restaurant serves all-day breakfast and what to do if you miss breakfast at the restaurant.

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