Black Bear Diner Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

Black Bear Diner is a very special restaurant for many reasons; one of them being directly connected with today’s topic of discussion. Another reason it’s a special restaurant is that it has a wide variety of options, spread across the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

For a weird reason, which I’ll review later in this article, Black Bear Diner might be the restaurant with the most extensive menu in the United States. Not in terms of the sheer number of menu options, but in terms of the different foods you can order at a specific time of the day.

In this article, you’ll learn about Black Bear Diner breakfast hours and when the restaurant stops serving breakfast. Also, you’ll learn about some of the menu items that you can order from the restaurant at any hour of the day to help narrow down your options.

When Does Black Bear Diner Start Serving Breakfast?

The starting hour for breakfast at Black Bear Diner is the same as the opening hours, which is 6:00 am on every day of the week. Unlike some other restaurants that open late on Sundays, Black Bear Diner maintains the same opening hour every day of the week.

I’m a staunch believer because restaurants shouldn’t have to decide when we should eat specific meals, especially when we’re willing to pay for them. I’m still struggling to understand why most restaurants in the United States lock some dishes out in the afternoon, claiming they’re from the breakfast menu.

It seems like the guys at Black Bear Diner have similar ideologies. For a very clear reason, Black Bear Diner offers the most rational breakfast hours of all the restaurants serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the United States, at least.

What makes the hours so special is that they don’t exist. As long as you make it into Black Bear Diner when they’re open, you should be able to access anything from the breakfast menu. You may wonder: how is this any different from restaurants that serve breakfast all day?

The primary difference between Black Bear Diner’s hours and the regular hours at any other US restaurant is the fact that you can access lunch and dinner of the day at any Black Bear Diner outlet.

In short, there are no hours for specific foods at the chain’s various locations. Once they open for the morning, they offer items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for anyone who asks for it. This alone is better than what most restaurants in the United States offer.

When Does Black Bear Diner Stop Serving Breakfast?

With the explanation given above, it needs no telling that this restaurant doesn’t stop serving breakfast in the morning. It serves an all-day breakfast that’s only over when the restaurant officially closes for the day.

While the opening hours were uniform across all Black Bear Diner locations in the United States, the closing hours were less so. On Mondays through Thursdays and on Sundays, the closing hours remain the usual 10:00 pm, while the restaurant opens for a day later on Fridays and Saturdays.

Naturally, it’s best to expect the breakfast hours at different Black Bear Diner locations to be slightly different. While every outlet will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, there is no definitive proof that you’ll be able to access it as early as quoted in this article, or as late as claimed here.

To be sure, you can use the locations finder on the Black Bear Diner website. While the locations finder is accurate, it’s still best to confirm the specific hours from the specific outlet you’re patronizing.

You can do this by copying the phone number from the location’s finder on their official website. When you call this number, you can ask any question relating to Black Bear Diner. Asking if they’re open should let you know if you can still access breakfast at the restaurant.

Black Bear Diner Breakfast Hours 

Black Bear Diner starts serving breakfast by 6:00 am on every day of the week. On Mondays through Thursdays and on Sundays, the closing hours remain the usual 10:00 pm, while the restaurant opens for a day later on Fridays and Saturdays.

Black Bear Diner Menu

You’re already aware of the fact that you’re free to order anything you feel like eating for the day. While this freedom can be pretty intoxicating, it’s recommended to only order dishes at the appropriate time of the day to avoid looking weird.

With that said, there are so many items on the menu that listing every single one will take this entire article. Since that isn’t what you or I won’t, I’ll only list some of my favorites, which are compelling options for anyone.

  • Pancakes

They simply made differently the pancakes at Black Bear Diner, thanks to the buttermilk and sweet cream that they feature. For just $7.99, you can get the perfect breakfast pancakes with a fluffy and thick feel that aren’t excessively caloric.

If you’re walking into Black Bear Diner for breakfast, your eyes should naturally gravitate to the pancakes option. While these pancakes are worth a try for anyone, there are many other options if you’re not exactly a fan of pancakes.

  • Cinnamon Roll French Toast

Most of my favorite Black Bear Diner dishes aren’t on the breakfast menu, but this post is about the breakfast hours. It’s only natural that I mention options like a cinnamon roll with French toast and pancakes a little too often. 

This meal packs a lot more calories than pancakes and comes at a slightly higher price. If you’re eating out at Black Bear Diner in the morning, the cinnamon roll French toast is a compelling option to consider.

How many Black Bear Diner’s are there in the United States?

143 locations. The first Black Bear Diner restaurant was opened on Mount Shasta, California in 1995, established by Bruce Deans and Bob & Laurie Manley. The company is based in Redding, California. As of September 2020, Black Bear Diner has 143 locations in 14 states.

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Black Bear Diner is my new best restaurant in the United States, thanks to the awesomely ingenious breakfast hours. The Black Bear Diner breakfast hours make it almost impossible to miss breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the restaurant.

If you’re wondering what to eat in the morning, why not use one of our suggestions above? If you’re bored with pancakes, you can switch things up by ordering from the lunch menu, which is always available for use by the way.

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