Tropical Smoothie Café Hours 2023: [updated]

Tropical Smoothie Café is a relatively popular restaurant, even if there’s a lot to hate about them. They have many items on their menu that would make the perfect breakfast, but many outlets do not serve breakfast to customers. 

Besides that, those that serve breakfast use wildly different service hours that are very complicated to explain or understand. The complications arise from the fact that almost every outlet uses different hours across different days, making it uneven for the same restaurant, talk more of across the general Tropical Smoothie outlets.

Despite the complications, I’ll try to explain the Tropical Smoothie Café hours. You’ll learn when they start serving from their lunch and breakfast menus, and what foods are available at different times of the day.

Tropical Smoothie Café Hours

Most restaurants in the United States have specific breakfast hours. If you’re willing to get breakfast from a certain restaurant, you must show up early enough to ensure it’s still serving breakfast. Most restaurants open as early as 6:00 am for breakfast and serve from the breakfast menu until 11 am.

In the case of Tropical Smoothie Café, however, things aren’t that perfect. The breakfast hours across the different outlets of the restaurant are very different, making it impossible to predict. The only way to tell the breakfast hours at a Tropical Smoothie restaurant for certain is by making a call to the specific outlet beforehand.

However, for the general hours, you should expect a Tropical Smoothie outlet to be open for service by 8 am. While some open as early as 7:00 am, they’re not the majority. To avoid meeting a closed door, you must be conservative and stay in bed for a little while before showing up for breakfast.

However, it’s important to note that some Tropical Smoothie locations don’t serve breakfast at all. These outlets open by 11 am, as opposed to the regular 7 am, only to serve items from the lunch menu.

To confirm if an outlet is open for breakfast, you may want to place a call to the nearest outlet. You can open the locations section of the Tropical Smoothie Café outlet to see the breakfast hours and a relevant phone number.

If the breakfast hours on the website indicate that the outlet opens by 7:00 am or 8:00 am, then it certainly serves breakfast. Otherwise, you may have to patronize a different restaurant for your breakfast needs.

Tropical Smoothie Lunch Hours

Breakfast isn’t the only dish available at Tropical Smoothie. Most people also care about the time when they can start ordering lunch, which is usually when the restaurant stops serving breakfast. In most cases, you can order lunch until the restaurant closes, making it the dominant meal of the day.

Since Tropical Smoothie Café operates like the average US restaurant, you can also order lunch at the restaurant any time of the day, save for the breakfast hours. In other words, the breakfast hours run from 11 am until the restaurant closes.

For outlets that open by 11:00 am, that means they serve lunch all day, but those that open early have about three or four hours to serve breakfast first. If you’re picking up lunch at the restaurant, you should be confident that the specific outlet is open for service before walking in.

The only way to be certain is by calling the restaurant before walking in to make an order. Also, it’s crucial to note that outlets that don’t serve breakfast are likely to start serving lunch late, so you might want to make up for those missed hours.

Does Tropical Smoothie Café Serve Breakfast All Day?

Just like every other regular restaurant in the United States, the Tropical Smoothie Café opens for breakfast by 7:00 am or 8:00 am and stops serving breakfast by 11:00 am when it switches to the lunch menu. By the definition of an all-day restaurant, it’s safe to say Tropical Smoothie Café doesn’t serve breakfast all day.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from patronizing the restaurant at any hour of the day, as long as it’s open. The items from the lunch and dinner menus are perfect substitutes for the average breakfast menu, making them just pretty close.

Assumptions aren’t usually sufficient when dealing with restaurants; learning what’s inside the menus is important as well. In the following section, you’ll learn about some items on the Tropical Smoothie Café menu for both breakfast and lunch.

Tropical Smoothie Café Menu

There are several items on the Tropical Smoothie Café; some are only available for breakfast while others can be ordered at any time of the day. To assess your options, here are some dishes you can access at the restaurant at different times.

  • Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Flatbread

While that’s a pretty long name for something you’ll probably be calling every morning, it’s one of our favorite dishes on the menu. It’s not for the part of the population allergic to peanut butter, but I want to believe a whole lot of people aren’t.

  • Omelet Wrap

Unless you’re specifically after a vegan breakfast, the famous omelet wraps should make a good breakfast for you. There are different at Tropical Smoothie Café, including the Southwest Omelet Wrap and the Spinach and Feta Omelet Wrap.

Both of the above dishes have wildly different tastes and feeling which are almost impossible to explain in words. To determine what you should have on your next breakfast, consider trying both and choosing one that tastes better to you.

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Tropical Smoothie Café is not a mainstream restaurant, and judging by the breakfast hours of most outlets, it isn’t trying too hard to be one. However, the restaurant’s collection of addicting foods is a factor that will almost certainly skyrocket it to gain a place among the top guns in the industry.

This article has explained Tropical Smoothie’s confusing breakfast hours, showing you exactly when to show up for breakfast. In case you’re still unsure, consider calling the outfit you’re patronizing to confirm that they’re open for service.

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