Panera Bread Breakfast Hours 2023: (0pening & closing time)

If you want access to the healthy collection of foods on its menu, show up early enough. In this article, I’ll outline Panera Bread breakfast hours to give you an idea of when to show up at the restaurant for breakfast.

Panera bakery meals are fully made with healthy ingredients, which is why its food is at the top list of most healthy eating options. The bakery shows calorie levels for all the foods on its menu and the brand has also maintained its policy to get rid of artificial sweeteners and flavors from its meals.

Panera Bread is one of the best bets for providing customers the luxury of combining proper meals with casual dining. We know the bakery for serving tasty bites. Their die-hard bread bowls and salads are simply appetizing.

What Time Does Panera Bread Start Serving Breakfast?

Panera Bread start serving breakfast by 10:30 am on weekdays and 11:00 am on weekends.

If you’re looking for a great breakfast spot, Panera Bread is definitely worth checking out. Not only do they have some of the best sandwiches around, but they also have some great breakfast options too. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, you can definitely go with one of their breakfast sandwiches, but if you’re looking for something a little more hearty, their breakfast burrito is definitely worth a try.

What Time Does Panera Bread stop Serving Breakfast

Panera Bread is a popular chain of restaurants that serve breakfast all day long. However, they do have a specific time that they stop serving breakfast. This time is usually around 11: 00am.

Panera Bread Breakfast Hours

Most Panera bakeries have the same breakfast hours. The normal time Panera Bread serves breakfasts is around 6:00 and 6:30 Monday through Sunday. Panera Bread breakfast hours end at 10:30 am on weekdays and 11:00 am on weekends.

Before showing up at the nearest Panera Bread outlet for breakfast, it’s important to confirm the breakfast hours by calling in to see if they’re still open. Because of variations across the United States, some Panera Bread outlets may open as late as 7:00 am and close as late as noon.

Does Panera Serve Lunch in the Morning?

Lunch at Panera can be gotten with your breakfast excluding soups, which are not available till after breakfast hours. On contrary, they can get breakfast only in the morning during the stipulated time.

The Panera Bread lunch menu is only available after 11:00 am on weekdays, which coincides with the time when they stop serving breakfast. If you’re too late to pick up breakfast at the eatery, you can simply make it lunch instead.

Panera Bread Breakfast options

We can tailor Panera breakfast options to meet your demands. You can order the popular cereal and Panera Breakfast Sandwich or any other breakfast special.

There are numerous other breakfast options you can explore on the breakfast menu, the meals will be delivered to you through your preferred delivery mode.

Panera Bread Breakfast Beverage Options

Panera has a lot of beverage options, ranging from frozen drinks, smoothies, coffee, and fruit drinks. Smoothies are available in flavors like strawberry, mango, chocolate, and Green passion.

Coffee lovers might start their day with either the Iced Columbian Dark Roast coffee, Hazlenut coffee, or any coffee type from our menu. There are many other types of beverages available for your consumption. You are only an order away!

Panera’s Breakfast Grocery Options

This Grocery breakfast option is perfect if you don’t fancy making frequent trips to the bakery. They packed it filled with daily needs to make a perfect breakfast. You can order your daily bread breakfast options together to eliminate regular bakery trips, and this grocery breakfast set can last for a week or more.

There seems to be no better way to set your tone for the day than to get yourself one of the delicious and nutritious items on their menu.

The Bagel and bread delivery comprise some of the best combinations of Panera bagels like the Cinamon Crunch bagels, Everything Bagels, Asiago Cheese bagels, plain Bagels, and more. You can add whole grain or classic white loaves of bread to your order.

Sweeten up your meals by adding freshly made pastries, like the muffins or Vanilla Cinnamon rolls, to your order. You can add a few gallons of milk to your order. Perfect your breakfast experience by adding chilled yogurt to the collection. If you don’t like yogurt, your kids might complement their breakfast with its deliciousness.

Panera grocery breakfast options will provide a change from your normal breakfast routines and give you the deliciousness and nutrition needed for a breakfast. The bakery provides different delivery options you can choose from to make sure your breakfast gets to you in time.

Panera Bread Breakfast Menu

There are many awesome meals on offer at Panera Bread, all available for your enjoyment. Some of the amazing items on offer include the following.

  • Country white sliced bread

They made the bread with enriched wheat flour, water, yeast, sugar (brown), yeast, and salt. The dairy-free bread is also suitable for vegetarians. There are no external flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners added during production.

The bread, like most Panera baked foods, is made in-house, for it to be freshly available for consumers upon order. We can enjoy this bread as grilled cheese, for your morning toast, and is perfect for sandwiches. Whichever way you choose to enjoy it, it’s a breakfast classic.

  • Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta

This Applewood Smoked Bacon Scrambled Egg & Cheese on Ciabatta is with zero calories is perfect for starting a new day. They made it from healthy ingredients to ensure you combine enjoyment and healthy living.

  • Steel Cut Oatmeals with Strawberries and Pecans

Enjoy your steel-cut oats, which are perfectly cooked and complemented with strawberries, cinnamon crunch topping, and pecans. They made it with the best ingredients to give you an ideal breakfast.

  • Cinnamon Crunch Bagel

They made this bagel with cinnamon and vanilla flavored chips. The cinnamon crunch topping will bring out the deliciousness and sensation associated with a good breakfast.

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Breakfast always feels better at Panera Bread. The bakery’s mission is to help you start your day right with their awesome breakfast meals. If you don’t appear at the restaurant early enough, picking up breakfast will be impossible.

As long as you’re not trying to get breakfast after 11:00 am, you should be fine. Panera Bread opens up at 6:00 am on weekdays and only 30 minutes later on weekends.

You can walk into a Panera Bread outlet or place orders for delivery to your home or office.. Orders can be placed on the Panera Bread website and they will deliver the food to your doorstep through your preferred delivery method.


Does Panera make bagels all day?

Panera Bread does make their bagels all day, but they do not have them available all the time.

Can you get regular food at Panera during breakfast?

One of our staffs went to Panera Bread during their breakfast hours but could not order regular food.

Does Panera sell mac and cheese in the morning?

Yes, Panera Bread does sell macaroni and cheese in the morning.

This popular dish is available with either chicken or vegetable broth and is made with elbow macaroni, cheddar cheese, and cream.

Does Panera sell avocado toast?

Yes, Panera sells avocado toast.
Avocado toast is a popular meal at Panera Bread. They make it with sliced avocado, bread, and a variety of toppings. The avocado toast at Panera Bread differs from the avocado toast you would find at a cafe. The avocado toast at Panera Bread is breaded and has a thicker consistency.

Does Panera Use frozen food?

No, Panera Bread has released a statement denying that they use frozen food in their sandwiches. In their statement, they say that they made their sandwiches with fresh ingredients.