Why Did McDonald’s Stop All Day Breakfast?

The only time you can criticize all-day breakfast is when it doesn’t exist. I’m a big proponent of people being able to choose when they want to eat whatever they feel like eating, but it seems like my priorities don’t necessarily align with that of the decision-makers at McDonald’s.

While the restaurant tried its hands at an all-day breakfast menu some time ago, the initiative didn’t last. In no time, we were back to getting to the restaurant before 10:30 am or having to order from the lunch menu. But why did McDonald’s stop all-day breakfast exactly?

There have been many theories and speculations, and it seems like McDonald’s itself has chipped in via a spokesperson. In this article, you’ll understand why McDonald’s decided to stop serving breakfast throughout the day all of a sudden. Also, you’ll learn a lot about the restaurant and its breakfast menu.

Is McDonald’s Going to Bring Back All Day Breakfast?

First things first: is McDonald’s going to undo their biggest mistake of this century by bringing back the much-loved all-day breakfast menu?

The answer is no. Many spokespersons and official statements have confirmed that the all-day breakfast isn’t returning anytime soon, and probably not ever. The decision is somewhat hard to understand, especially when you understand why they canceled all-day breakfast in the first place.

Before it was stopped, you could order every item on the breakfast menu at any time of the day, which is the idea of all-day breakfast. There was a genuine reason for the cancelation, and if you’re interested in knowing that, you can jump over to the following section. 

When Did McDonald’s Stop Serving All-Day Breakfast?

Ever since McDonald’s started starting the all-day breakfast in 2015, it has consistently recorded sales figures that are better than usual. That made it a bit surprising when they decided to let go of the idea, but when did McDonald’s stop serving all-day breakfast exactly?

The all-day breakfast program was suspended in March 2020 as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. No thanks to the shortage of staff, the restaurant found it difficult to keep the business running while serving from two different menus concurrently.

Since the restaurant doesn’t have to worry about that anymore, customers have hoped they’ll bring the all-day breakfast menu back, but that is looking like a pipe dream as we speak. That aside, why did McDonald’s stop the all-day breakfast back then?

Why Did McDonald’s Stop Serving All Day Breakfast?

During the onset of the pandemic, a lot of things changed around the world, and McDonald’s wasn’t spared. There wasn’t as much staff in restaurants, and customers weren’t putting in as many orders as in the pre-pandemic times, which made it insanely difficult to continue with the all-day breakfast.

In an understandable move, the fast food chain suspended the breakfast menu until further notice, returning all the food items to their regular times of the day. The move worked to keep activities flowing at the restaurant, while the country battled with one of the worst pandemics yet.

After the effects of the pandemic have subsided and businesses started reopening fully, fans of the all-day breakfast menu started longing for it once again, but it seems like that won’t work. Not only has McDonald’s not brought it back, but they also released statements affirming they weren’t planning to do so. 

Instead of bringing the full menu back, McDonald’s replaced it with an all-day menu, which included some of the most popular items at the restaurant. The items on the new and scanty menu include hash browns, fries, Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, and the Cheeseburger.

Do All McDonald’s Serve Breakfast Until 11 am?

Since it’s pretty clear that all McDonald’s outlets only serve from the morning menu in the morning, you may want to be around early enough to be able to get breakfast. Since the average US restaurant stops servings breakfast at 11 am, you may also ask: do all McDonald’s serve breakfast until 11 am?

Officially, many McDonald’s outlets will stop serving breakfast once it’s 10:30 am since that’s when lunchtime officially begins at the restaurant. Practically, however, I don’t see a local McDonald’s denying you a breakfast order because you were 15 minutes late.

You should also know that McDonald’s retained some items from the all-day breakfast menu in their all-day menu. The all-day menu consists of items you can order at any time of the day. Items like Hash Browns are now part of the all-day morning and are no longer restricted to a specific part of the day.

When Does McDonald’s Start Serving Breakfast?

Since it’s clear that McDonald’s no longer serves an all-day breakfast (and isn’t planning to do so anytime soon), your only option is getting to the restaurant on time for breakfast. To ensure that is possible, however, there’s a crucial question to ask: when does McDonald’s start serving breakfast?

This question is somewhat complicated to answer, as the answer differs depending on the specific outlet you plan to patronize. Branches that open for 24 hours typically start serving breakfast as early as 5 am, but that’s not the case for those that open later.

You can always check the opening hours of the nearest outlet on Google Maps to get an idea of the breakfast hours. Opening for 24 hours almost always means you’ll be able to get breakfast by 5 am, and breakfast serves when they open otherwise.

You should know this already, but McDonald’s serves breakfast until 10:30 am when it retires the breakfast menu for the more robust lunch menu. Some outlets serve breakfast until 11 am or even noon; you should always ensure you confirm before walking in.

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McDonald’s told its customers that it stopped all-day breakfast because of the pandemic, and it seemed like a plausible excuse at the time. With the lockdown now over and McDonald’s fully back in business, it seems there’s a lot more to the cancelation since they appear very reluctant to bring it back.

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