Can You Order Regular Food at McDonald’s During Breakfast?

Most people do just fine with the shoddy items on the breakfast menu of most restaurants, but over time, it’s getting clearer that they don’t have to. There’s just no reason for restaurants to prevent people from getting food items they’re willing to pay for.

For some reason, however, most restaurants in the US, including McDonald’s, still keep a breakfast menu that’s reserved for the morning hours only. Since there are almost always exceptions to the rule, it’s understandable why a lot of McDonald’s customers keep asking if you can order regular food at the restaurant during breakfast.

In this article, I’ll answer that question in detail. Firstly, you’ll get a simple answer, followed by a breakdown of the kind of food items you can order at McDonald’s during breakfast. Then, you’ll learn if you can get some of your favorite items during breakfast in the restaurant.

Can You Order Regular Food at McDonald’s During Breakfast?

A surprisingly high number of McDonald’s customers ask this question and it has warranted an official answer from a spokesperson. While I’ve never seen the need to get any of the lunch items during the breakfast hours, I understand why you may want them.

With that said, McDonald’s doesn’t serve items on the lunch menu during breakfast hours at this time. According to a spokesperson from the company, “the demand (for lunch items in the morning) isn’t strong enough to warrant running the burger grill in the morning,” which is a fair point.

When you discover how many people are tweeting in support of making burgers available for breakfast, you’ll doubt that the demand for regular food in the morning is poor. Going by the information available on the internet, your suspicions may just be true, although it’s still unconfirmed at the moment.

A former McDonald’s employee once explained that the difficulty associated with setting the temperature right to cook lunchtime menu items and breakfast menu items at the same time is the real reason why the fast food chain doesn’t offer regular food in the morning. When you come to think about that, you’ll realize it does make a lot of sense.

Can I Get a McChicken During Breakfast?

The McChicken is one of the more popular lunch burgers, and as I’ve implied earlier, you shouldn’t be able to get it during breakfast hours. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and hoping for an exception, McChicken fans are asking for the possibility of getting one during breakfast.

Thankfully, the McChicken is indeed an exception to McDonald’s infamous “no burgers for breakfast” rule. Since it added the delicious chicken sandwich to its breakfast menu in 2020, customers can order it during breakfast hours if they want, which sounds pretty cool.

Can I Get Lunch in the Morning at McDonald’s?

If I understand correctly, lunch is what most McDonald’s customers refer to as “regular food,” and that’s fine. Those weird biscuits and breakfast junk don’t strike me as something that qualifies as food. So, to put the question more straightforwardly, can you get lunch in the morning at McDonald’s?

As I’ve explained earlier, it’s almost impossible to get lunch from McDonald’s during breakfast hours, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get lunch in the morning. Lunchtime at the restaurant starts at 10:30 am, and most people will agree that’s still an hour and a half away from “afternoon.”

So, you shouldn’t have a problem getting lunch on the menu at McDonald’s. However, you shouldn’t expect it to meet your expectation, as it’s just lunch in the morning, but not necessarily during the breakfast hours.

Can I Get Fries from McDonald’s During Breakfast?

No, you cannot get fries from McDonald’s during breakfast because it’s part of the lunchtime menu. If you intend to order French fries as a side, you’ll need to wait until 10:30 am when most McDonald’s outlets typically start serving lunch.

Can You Get a Big Mac in the Morning?

The Big Mac is McDonald’s flagship sandwich. It’s the second most popular item of all time, next to the ubiquitous French fries. If anything is that popular, it has to be available 24/7, right? Can you get a Big Mac in the morning at McDonald’s?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot get a Big Mac at McDonald’s in the morning. The burger is exclusively on the lunch menu, and McDonald’s doesn’t start serving from that until after the breakfast hours. Surprisingly, the Big Mac climbed its way to the top by being only a lunch item.

You should also know that there are numerous breakfast items at McDonald’s that you can order in the morning. From the McChicken to the Egg McMuffin, there’s almost no reason to want a Big Mac specifically when ordering from McDonald’s.

When Do McDonald’s Start Serving Lunch?

Since it’s already pretty clear that you cannot access most of the items on the lunch menu in the morning, your only option is waiting until lunchtime at McDonald’s. However, that begs the question: how long do you have to wait? When does McDonald’s start serving lunch?

In most outlets in the United States, McDonald’s will start serving from the lunch menu immediately after breakfast hours. The breakfast hours end by 10:30 am, and lunch is usually available directly after that. So, you don’t have to wait till the afternoon before accessing lunch.

For your information, the restaurant doesn’t stop serving lunch until after midnight when it starts serving breakfast again. Outlets that don’t open 24/7 stop serving when they close since there’s no dinner menu to use when it’s nighttime.

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For some reason, most of the regular food items on the McDonald’s menu are exclusive to the lunch menu. To the question of the possibility of ordering regular food in the morning at McDonald’s, it’s impossible, not until the restaurant’s policies change.

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