Are Hash Browns All Day at McDonalds?

McDonald’s has a couple of interesting breakfast items, and hash browns are one of the most remarkable. Not only are they loved by so many of the restaurant’s customers, but they’re also low in calories and perfect to get your day going.

However, one problem with most of the fan-favorite dishes at McDonald’s is that they’re usually served exclusively at a specific time of the day. As for hash browns, the food item is on the breakfast menu, but is it even possible to access it at McDonald’s during lunchtime?

In this article, you’ll learn if you can get hash browns all day at McDonald’s. Also, you’ll learn if McDonald’s does serve all-day breakfast, and I’ll show you some of the items you can get at the fast food chain for breakfast. In short, whatever question you might have about hash browns and McDonald’s should be answered here.

What Time Can You Get Hash Browns at McDonald’s?

The hash browns at McDonald’s are shredded potato hash brown patties that have come to become a fan favorite at the restaurant. It’s available as part of the iconic McDonald’s breakfast menu, and customers typically serve the delicacy with other items on the breakfast menu, but what time can you get it?

Being a breakfast item, you can get hash browns at McDonald’s whenever the restaurant is serving from its breakfast menu. The breakfast hours differ across locations, especially in stores that do not open 24 hours. In stores that open throughout the day, McDonald’s typically starts serving breakfast at 5:00 am.

However, for stores that don’t open 24/7, you can only get breakfast when the store opens, and the opening time differs from location to location. While some open for breakfast as early as 5 am, you may not be able to order from the restaurant until 7 am if they typically open late.

In short, you can get hash browns at McDonald’s in the morning, specifically when the restaurant opens for breakfast. Most outlets open for breakfast from 5 am to 11 am when they retire the breakfast menu for the lunch menu.

Are Hash Browns All Day at McDonalds?

While responding to a Twitter user asking if McDonald’s has stopped serving hash browns with the Egg McMuffins, McDonald’s confirmed that it has stopped including the breakfast menu item in its all-day breakfast menu. That means only one thing: you can only get hash browns at McDonald’s in the morning.

To answer the question above, Hash Browns aren’t all day at the restaurant. They used to be all day, but McDonald’s stopped offering them during lunchtime for reasons best known to them. Today, you cannot get the breakfast menu item officially during lunchtime.

Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

You can find many conflicting reports about McDonald’s all-day breakfast on the internet, with most media outlets seeming to agree that the restaurant does serve an all-day breakfast in 2022. To put that argument to rest, does McDonald’s serve hash browns and other breakfast items all day?

McDonald’s ended the all-day breakfast menu abruptly in 2020, citing the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic as its reason. While those reasons seemed very plausible, it only makes sense for them to return the all-day breakfast menu as the restrictions are gradually being phased away.

However, recent developments are proving that McDonald’s bringing back the all-day breakfast might just be wishful thinking on the part of the customers. The company has no confirmed plans to bring it back, and they even went as far as debunking rumors that the all-day breakfast menu will be returning this October.

If you’ve always dreamt of getting hash browns or an Egg McMuffin in the afternoon, you may want to start forgetting about that dream.

Why Did McDonald’s Get Rid of All Day Breakfast?

If you’re old enough, you’re probably aware of the fact that McDonald’s has offered all-day breakfast at some point in time. In 2020, however, that was retired in favor of the regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours, as was the tradition. What many customers do not understand is why that was the case.

The primary rationale behind McDonald’s decision of ending its iconic all-day breakfast was the Covid-19 pandemic, which made it insanely difficult to keep up with the requirements of all-day breakfast. For McDonald’s to keep on providing the service diligently, it needed enough demand and employees to make it work, both of which were unavailable at the time for obvious reasons.

Now that the coronavirus restrictions are lax, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect McDonald’s to revive the insanely popular all-day breakfast initiative. If the program eventually comes back, you just might be able to access your beloved hash browns without having to wait until the next morning.

What Time Does McDonald’s Breakfast End?

When McDonald’s was serving the all-day breakfast a couple of years ago, some breakfast items have no specific hours to them. If you wanted hash browns, for instance, you can access them at any time of the day without necessarily having to wait until the next morning. 

However, with the all-day breakfast not around anymore, you can expect the breakfast menu to end around 10:30 am to 11 am. The specific breakfast hours will differ across locations, as each McDonald’s outlet is managed by independent franchisees that may have different policies for running their restaurants.

If McDonald’s could be kind enough to bring back the all-day breakfast menu, we could go back to being able to access hash browns and McMuffins in the morning. Since that isn’t around, I think we have to get our breakfast delicacies before 10:30 am.

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Hash browns are excellent breakfast menu items at McDonald’s, but with one flaw: they’re exclusive to the breakfast hours. While customers used to be able to order them for lunch with the all-day breakfast program, McDonald’s has now gotten rid of it, with no plans to bring it back at the moment.

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