How To Find McDonald’s Restaurant Near Me

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as you’re old enough to talk, you should know there’s a fast food outlet named McDonald’s. Having over 37,000 locations in over 120 countries and employing millions of people doesn’t make the fast-food outlet ordinary.

If you’re looking to have a delicious dish of burgers, McDonald’s is likely the first location to think of. Unless you have a special affinity for Burger King or Burgerville, there’s no other reason to choose them over the insanely cheap breakfast options at McDonald’s.

If you’re looking to get to the nearest McDonald’s, it’s simpler than reading this entire article. Besides Google having all the outlets indexed on Google Maps, McDonald’s also has an independent store locator on its website that shows you the nearest outlet, as well as the fastest way to get there.

How to Find a McDonald’s Restaurant Near Me

There are many ways to find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant, depending on the device you’re using and what websites you can access. If you’re on a mobile phone, using Google or Apple Maps to find the nearest restaurant is your best bet, while you should gravitate towards the McDonald’s website on a computer.

Note that there are certain cities in the world without a McDonald’s outlet. Also, with the speed at which new outlets are being opened, there’s a high chance that the official website hasn’t picked it up yet. Therefore, you must try both options in this article.

Here are the two best methods to find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant in and outside the United States.

Using the official McDonald’s store locator

The insanely successful fast-food chain has a store locator on its official website that’s primarily for people to find the nearest McDonald’s outlets. You can access this store locator by navigating to their official website, which is available at

Depending on the country you’re browsing from, you may have to make a slight modification to the URL to ensure that McDonald’s doesn’t say the nearest outlet is in Texas while you’re in Canada. Without further ado, here are the steps to using the official McDonald’s store locator.

  • Navigate to the Official McDonald’s website

It’s almost unthinkable for a fast food outlet to lack an official website, and sure enough, the biggest burger join won’t be the one to do something negatively unthinkable. There is a McDonald’s for every country, but they live on the same domain, with slight changes to the address to take you to the relevant site.

As hinted above, you may need to make a slight modification to the website to take you to the correct one for your country. For example, you can navigate to the Canadian version of the website by going to

To determine the official web address for your country’s version of McDonald’s, search on Google using your country’s name specifically. For instance, searching for “McDonald’s Canada” will bring up the URL I entered earlier, saving you the stress of having to enter ugly web addresses.

  • Click on the Locate option from the top menu

There are slight differences between the McDonald’s websites for the different countries across the world. However, locating the nearest outlet shouldn’t be a pain, as the steps required to get to the store locator shouldn’t be very complex.

Using the US version of the website, you can simply click on the Locate option on the menu at the top to take you to the Restaurants Near Me page. From there, McDonald’s should ask you to enable your device’s geolocation settings.

If you enable geolocation, you should be able to find the nearest McDonald’s without having to manually enter your location. Otherwise, skip to the next step to find the location nearest to you.

  • Enter your location to the most precise detail or use the map

To find the nearest location effortlessly, you can simply enter the zip code for your location to bring up all the McDonald’s outlets around you. Alternatively, you can enter your state, city, or area to find all the nearest McDonald’s locations before choosing the nearest one.

Note that the latter option usually takes more time, since you’ll have to waddle through a long list of locations, especially when your area isn’t among the top ones alphabetically. To speed up the process, you can easily zoom and pan on the map to find the nearest location with little trouble.

The map uses the Google Map API, making it almost impossible to miss a location. If you use an iPhone, however, you may be better off finding a location by manually searching on the map. With that said, finding a location here will also bring up a phone number you can call to confirm availability.

Using a Maps app to find a McDonald’s restaurant near me

If you’re on a smartphone, using the official store locator on the McDonald’s website would be unintuitive. Not only is it difficult to zoom and pan on a map that looks as tiny as a taco from Jack-in-the-box, but it’s also easier to use the driving instructions on your smartphone’s maps if you’re going to the restaurant.

If you’re on an iPhone, simply fire up Apple Maps and search for “McDonald’s.” You should have a slew of options, all leading you to nearby McDonald’s outlets, even if you’re not in the United States. Trying something similar with Google Maps will even work better, thanks to the superior functionality of the app.


McDonald’s is so popular that there is hardly any need to convince anyone to patronize the fast-food chain. With tens of thousands of branches worldwide, there’s always a McDonald’s nearby, regardless of where you are.

If you’re not sure about that, consider implementing the steps in this article. Even if you don’t find it economical to drive to a McDonald’s, you should be able to have them deliver your food to you; and most McDonald’s are open 24/7.

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