How To Find IHOP Restaurant Near Me

IHOP is so cool that its name is an acronym meaning the International House of Pancakes. Most of the items on the menu are pancakes, making it logical that the restaurant itself is known for serving some of our favorite breakfast dishes.

If you’re a regular patron at IHOP, the first thing you’d want to know when settling down at a new apartment is how to get to the nearest outlet of the restaurant. Unless you have many neighbors that also fancy IHOP’s offerings, you may have to do the bulk of the findings yourself.

However, we wouldn’t leave you to do such a tasking work on your own. In this article, you’ll learn a bit about IHOP and why its pancakes are the best in the United States. Then, I’ll show you how to find the nearest IHOP restaurant using the store locator on the restaurant’s website.

How to Find an IHOP Restaurant Near Me

The International House of Pancakes has the bulk of its offerings in pancakes, making it a majorly breakfast restaurant. There are several breakfast burritos, omelets, and pancakes, which you can eat with a hot cup of coffee to help start your day.

To access any of those items, you need to show up at an IHOP outlet first. There are many ways to locate the nearest International House of Pancakes, but we’ll focus on using the store locator on the official website. Asides from that, you can also use the maps app on your smartphone.

With that said, here are the steps required to find the nearest IHOP outlet near you to get your favorite menu items from the restaurant.

Using the IHOP store locator on the official website

The IHOP official website has a section for locating a nearby outlet of fast-food outlet from anywhere in the United States. As long as you have a device that can access the website and an internet connection, you should be able to get to the restaurant without many issues.

However, it’s recommended to use the store locator with a desktop computer or a laptop, no thanks to the maps that don’t display properly on a smartphone. If you’re trying to locate the store on a smartphone, using Google Maps or some other navigation tool might be a superior option.

With that said, here are the steps required to use the IHOP store locator in finding the nearest outlet to your location with little hassle.

  • Open the IHOP website on your favorite browser

The first step to finding the nearest IHOP restaurant using the store locator option is navigating to the restaurant’s official website. If you’re not living in the United States, you can’t access the website, since the restaurant has most of its outlets in the country. If you’re unable to access the website, chances are high that you’re in an unsupported country.

If you can access the website, I’ll recommend doing so from a laptop or desktop computer, since that’s the only way to see the store locator in its full glory. Otherwise, you may have to use a tiny map, if any maps exist to use at all.

You can open the IHOP website in two ways; you can either enter the web address on your website’s address box. Alternatively, you can also search IHOP on Google or Bing and click on the first menu option that appears.

  • Navigate to the store locator feature

After opening the website on a device with a large screen, find “Locations” from the menu on the top left corner of the interface. Upon clicking on this item, you should be redirected to a page that lets you access all the different IHOP outlets across the United States.

At this point, you’ll receive an alert from the website to let it access your location. Unless you’re willing to manually zoom in on the image to find your location, you should allow access. Don’t worry, IHOP won’t sell your location information to anyone (not a guarantee).

After allowing the website to access your location, the website should automatically bring up a list of the restaurant outlets closest to you. Select any of them to see more details, including the operating hours and a phone number.

  • Enter your location manually

If allowing the computer to access your location doesn’t cause it to bring up relevant results, you may have to do it manually. Using the search box at the top of the interface, enter your zip code and click enter to bring up the nearest IHOP outlets.

Using Google Maps or Apple Maps on your smartphone.

If you don’t want to use the store locator, you can use your favorite navigation or maps app. For Android smartphone users, the best option is Google Maps, while iPhone users can either use Google Maps or the proprietary Apple Maps.

The steps to getting to the nearest IHOP outlet using a maps app are simple; search for the restaurant’s name on the app and wait for the most relevant options to show up. If you’re hungry for a hot breakfast, you won’t want to search for the restaurant using the full form of the acronym, since nobody calls it that.

When the results appear, select the one nearest to you and tap directions from the options. If you’re using Google Maps, this should automatically turn your phone into a navigation tool that you can use to find your way to the nearest IHOP outlet without having to ask unnecessary questions.


Who doesn’t fancy a meal of pancakes for breakfast to help you start your day right? There’s certainly no better way to get a pancake than patronizing the International House of Pancakes outlet near you. From there, you can access the food, besides a wide variety of other breakfast items.

If the store locator on the website doesn’t work, you can resort to using the maps app on your smartphone. Google Maps and Apple Maps are great options, and they work almost as well as the official store locator, as stated in the article.

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