Keke’s Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

Keke’s Breakfast café is a restaurant created specifically for breakfast, and it has become a sensation among Americans. With its unique breakfast buffet, it’s just difficult to miss breakfast when you stay close to the restaurant.

However, you might be forced to miss breakfast if you visit Keke’s Breakfast café outside the service hours. The service hours are typically 7 am to 2:30 pm, but they may vary depending on when you show up and what Keke’s outlet you’re patronizing.

In this article, you’ll learn about Keke’s breakfast hours for every Keke’s outlet and why they matter. Also, you’ll learn about some items on Keke’s breakfast menu and what to do if you end up missing the breakfast.

When Does Keke’s Start Serving Breakfast?

You should be able to order breakfast from any Keke’s restaurant from 7:00 am every day of the week. It’s important to note that the use of “should” is intentional for reasons I’ll explain later.

Keke’s is a weird breakfast outlet since it has the word “breakfast” in its name. From that alone, you can already tell that it has insane breakfast hours that are hard to match by any restaurant in the United States.

Despite that, the opening hours for Keke’s Breakfast café aren’t very impressive, especially when you compare them to alternatives that offer all-day breakfast or that open 24 hours. The charm in Keke’s starts happening when you check out the time when they stop serving breakfast.

Looking at this opening hour, you’ll note that they established the restaurant for the general population. If you’re trying to catch a very early flight and you need breakfast before then, I think you’ll have to find alternatives.

And for the reason I used should earlier, it’s simply because you may not order breakfast, even if you showed up at 7:00 am. The opening time for Keke’s may vary depending on your location, making the breakfast times up to an hour late.

Before deciding if it’s early enough to show up for breakfast, a call through to the restaurant. In the following section, you’ll learn when the restaurant stops serving breakfast, as well as the closing hours for breakfast at Keke’s.

When Does Keke’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

While Keke’s opening time for breakfast appears relatively normal, the time it stops serving is when the magic happens. As you may already know, most restaurants in the United States stop serving breakfast by 11:00 am or 12:00 pm, which makes sense, since that’s around when morning ends.

However, Keke understands that the delicious items on the breakfast menu shouldn’t be restricted to mornings only. For that reason, Keke’s serves a semi-all-day breakfast menu that runs from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm. Yes, you can order breakfast at any Keke’s outlet in the afternoon, as long as they’re open.

Also, because of the confusing nature of the restaurant’s name, most people think they serve nothing for lunch. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. While they close by 2:30 pm, you can order the items on the lunch menu before they close.

The way it works is that Keke’s serves breakfast and lunch together from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. While most restaurants stop serving breakfast immediately after they serve lunch, Keke’s served both probably because the difference between both dishes isn’t very clear.

It’s also important to expect slight variations among the different Keke’s outlets in the United States. Some may close a bit earlier, while some serve breakfast and lunch until 3 pm, depending on the volume of customers for the day.

To confirm if you can get breakfast when you’re showing up, you should the restaurant before the fact. You can get a relevant phone number by using the Locations option on Keke’s official website. Clicking on each of the locations will show you the opening hours and a phone number you can call.

Does Keke’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

Deciding whether Keke’s serves an all-day breakfast is an individual thing, depending on how you define the term “all day.” For some, it’s a restaurant that serves breakfast as long as it opens, while for others, it’s simply a restaurant that serves breakfast for most of the day.

However, since Keke’s doesn’t market itself as a restaurant that serves breakfast all day, I’ll assume that they do not serve breakfast all day. The breakfast hours at Keke’s aren’t like that you see at any regular restaurant, since you can get breakfast right into the afternoon.

To be a bit more precise, you can access items from the breakfast menu at Keke’s as long as they’re open. However, they’re only open until around 2:30 am, which is earlier than most other restaurants in the United States. Most people will be fine with that, but that doesn’t excuse referring to it as all-day.

Keke’s Breakfast Hours 

With that said, the expected opening hours for Keke’s restaurant are 7:00 am. Then, expect the restaurant to keep serving the breakfast menu until it closes in the night, usually, around 7:00 am to 12: pm.

Keke’s Breakfast Menu

There are many items on the breakfast menu at Keke’s that will always keep you coming back. Some of these items include waffles of every flavor you can think of. You can also have pancakes, French toast, omelets, egg meals, and a lot of other foods on the menu.

While the lunch menu becomes applicable from 10:30 am, it doesn’t automatically disqualify the breakfast menu. The restaurant continues to serve from both the breakfast and lunch menus until 2:30 pm when they finally close for the day.

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Keke’s isn’t your regular fast-food outlet that offers super-cheap foods. However, the atmosphere, the food variety, and the awesomeness of the food are some reasons fans are paying the extra dollars to access Keke’s food.

If you can’t get breakfast at your favorite restaurant because you were late, why not try Keke’s. This restaurant will let you eat breakfast, as long as you don’t get to the restaurant after 2:30 pm.


Is Keke’s Breakfast only in Florida?

Yes, Kekes Breakfast is only found in Florida. This popular breakfast spot is known for its Cuban-inspired breakfast items, like Cubanos and huevos rancheros.

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