Kona Café Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

There are a couple of restaurants in Disney World, but only a few can match the exquisiteness of Kona Café. This café claims to infuse a bit of Asian zest into native American meals to create meals that you can enjoy on an outing to the Disney Polynesian Village Resort.

The foods here aren’t crazy expensive; you can enjoy breakfast while spending as little as $15. If you’re going on a trip to Disney World, a $15 breakfast shouldn’t sound exceedingly extravagant. However, one thing that might prevent you from enjoying your favorite breakfast dish are the breakfast hours.

Kona Café has some predetermined breakfast hours, and unless you show up when they’re open and serving, you’ll be unable to order any food from the breakfast menu. In this article, I’ll outline Kona Café breakfast hours to show you when you can get breakfast from this restaurant.

What Is Kona Café?

If you landed on this article randomly, you’ll notice that you may not have heard of Kona Café, and that would be true. Unless you came across it by chance on a trip to Disney World, you most probably know nothing about the Kona Café.

This café is just like every other restaurant out there, but with many extra perks. For one, there’s an onstage sushi kitchen manned by traditional sushi chefs ready to prepare whatever kind of sushi dish you feel like eating.

The Disney World website describes this restaurant as a café that adds some Asian zest to traditional American meals, and this seems to be the truth. While its meals aren’t the most delicious out there, remember, it’s one of the few options you have.

The dishes on the restaurant’s menu are all mouthwatering, with most costing around what you’ll spend at a typical restaurant. Of course, you must also know having breakfast at Kona Café should typically be more expensive than doing the same at a mainstream fast-food outlet.

When Does Kona Café Start Serving Breakfast

As hinted in the introduction, the only factor that may likely prevent you from eating out at Kona Café is missing the breakfast hours. There’s no need to define it and what it entails; you already eat at a US restaurant and you know what breakfast hours are.

While Kona Café exists inside Disney World and is only open to people on a visit there, it operates like an independent entity. Think of Kona Café as another restaurant, and not as part of the overall package of the Disney Polynesian Village Resort. When you do this, you won’t have any issues understanding the breakfast hours.

For the first part, Kona Café doesn’t start serving breakfast to customers until around 7:30 am, a move that it almost religiously adheres to. Even if you think the restaurant goes against humanitarian ideals, there is probably a bad place to lodge a report.

Before writing off your breakfast for the day, it’s crucial to confirm that it’s indeed impossible to get breakfast in the morning. The only legal way to do that is by checking with the restaurant to see if they’ve started serving a particular dish, and the response is usually positive.

When Does Kona Café Stop Serving Breakfast?

At this point, it’s already clear that the restaurant doesn’t start serving breakfast until 7:30 am, but when exactly does it stop? Like most other restaurants in the United States, Kona Café doesn’t serve breakfast all day, since its official website displays a date when it’s supposed to stop serving.

Judging by the Disney World website, breakfast should be unavailable at the restaurant after 11 am, but on weekdays and weekends. This restriction makes it impossible to walk into the café after the regulation time, asking for an item in the breakfast menu.

On some days at the restaurant, you can get breakfast until 11:15 am, and they serve for even longer than that sometimes. While the official breakfast hours are mostly accurate, you can get breakfast for a few minutes longer than the quoted hours.

One way to determine if you can possibly get breakfast after the hours is by placing a call through to the restaurant before showing up. Navigate to the Kona Café page on the Disney World website to get relevant information and phone numbers you can call to ask questions.

Does Kona Café Serve Breakfast All Day?

There are many of US restaurants that will let you order from the breakfast menu as long as they’re open. These outlets are said to serve breakfast all day, but is Kona Café one of them?

Judging by the very normal breakfast hours at the Kona Café restaurant, one can safely say they don’t serve breakfast all day. However, there are many items on the restaurant’s lunch and dinner menus that are viable alternatives for breakfast.

As long as you get to the restaurant before 9:45 am, you should be able to order from the dinner menu. It’s also important to note that this restaurant doesn’t serve lunch after 3 pm, which is pretty early, compared to what most other restaurants offer.

Kona Café Breakfast Hours

The restaurant serves breakfast by 7:30 AM until 11:15 am on weekdays.

Kona Café Breakfast Menu

Given that the restaurant is situated at a resort, it’s only understandable that it has an extensive menu. Besides the regular foods that you can find on the breakfast menu of any American restaurant, there are many other items you can order for breakfast.

Some of the most delicious items on the breakfast menu include the French toast, Polynesian egg platter, Macadamia nut pancakes, plant-based loco moco, and a lot of options specifically for kids like scrambled eggs, fruit cup, and yogurt with strawberries.

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Kona Café may not be your average breakfast restaurant, but it’s the best option for people at the Polynesian resorts at Disney World. They serve a wide variety of foods, spread across the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

In this article, I’ve outlined the Kona Café breakfast hours and some items on the menu. It’s highly recommended to make reservations before showing up to avoid missing breakfast entirely.

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