Wawa Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

Looking for the Wawa breakfast hours? If you can ignore the weird name, Wawa makes some of the most delicious breakfasts of all restaurants in the United States. Food at its outlets tastes like none other, forcing customers to use Google to find out if they use the same items in preparation.

In short, anyone would expect you to regularly take their breakfast at Wawa if you have an outlet nearby. However, Wawa, like most other restaurants in the United States, only works during specific hours. They do not open all 24/7, nor do they serve from the breakfast menu all day.

If you’re looking to grab breakfast at Wawa, you shouldn’t miss this guide. Here, you’ll learn exactly when Wawa starts and stops serving breakfast to customers. Also, I’ll outline some items on the restaurant’s breakfast menu to show you what you’ve missed when you show up late.

Does Wawa Serve Breakfast All Day?

A common question that many people ask is if restaurants like Wawa serve items from their breakfast menu throughout the day. While that sounds like a great idea, the vast majority of restaurants don’t do that, and for good reason. After all, breakfast refers to the food that you’re supposed to eat in the morning.

Wawa doesn’t serve breakfast all day, and it isn’t open for service all day either. There are some breakfast hours that most Wawa outlets follow religiously, determining when you can get breakfast from them.

If you love eating your breakfast a couple of hours later, you’ll need something other than Wawa. Many restaurants in the United States serve breakfast as long as they’re open, notably Sonic and a few branches of McDonald’s too.

When Does Wawa Start Serving Breakfast?

If Wawa doesn’t serve breakfast all day, then it must have specific breakfast hours it follows religiously, mustn’t it? Well, there are official breakfast hours for Wawa outlets, but you hope that the one near you respects these breakfast hours and follows them.

Typically, all restaurants branded with Wawa should start serving breakfast by 5:00 am every day of the week, including Saturdays. While this is an impressive feat (most restaurants open around an hour or two later), you can’t trust all outlets to follow this religiously.

Instead of showing up at the nearest outlet, expecting them to be out and serving by 5:00 am, consider calling in to confirm that they’re open. Most outlets have customer service numbers that you can call to talk to an employee inside of the restaurant.

When Does Wawa Stop Serving Breakfast?

As said earlier, the breakfast hours quoted here are the official figures: how it should be if every outlet followed the rules religiously. Unfortunately, the restaurant might open hours later, no thanks to some other factors like late employees or government policies.

That aside, Wawa typically stops serving breakfast to customers at 11:00 am on every day of the week, including weekends. While that is the industry standard for restaurants to quit serving, it doesn’t change the fact that Wawa is the restaurant with the most flexible breakfast service times in the US.

The strength of this restaurant chain isn’t in the time it stops serving, rather, it’s about when it serves. How could you not be painted in a positive light when you serve breakfast around 2 hours earlier than the average restaurant in the United States?

However, it’s important not to take my words for it, as I admitted earlier that many Wawa branches do not follow these breakfast hours religiously. Therefore, it’s better to try calling an outlet to confirm when they start and stop serving breakfast before deciding. When you can’t put a call through, you can always fall back to this article.

Wawa Breakfast Hours 

All restaurants branded with Wawa should start serving breakfast by 5:00 am every day of the week and closes by 11:00 am.

Does Wawa Serve Breakfast on Holidays?

Somehow, many restaurants are open on holidays to serve some of those incredibly delicious dishes to people who have the chance to come to rest at home. Of course, a restaurant may not open on every holiday, but the number of holidays on which you can find them open tells a lot.

About Wawa, you can walk in to get an item on the breakfast menu on almost every holiday apart from Christmas and Easter. They’re open on New Year’s, Presidents’ Day, Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and many other holidays that you take off.

Serving breakfast on every day of the year, save for Christmas and Easter, is not a small feat, but it’s not exclusive to Wawa. This feat just puts it among some of the top restaurants in the United States that offer something similar on holidays.

Wawa Breakfast Menu

Before driving miles to the nearest Wawa outlet, ask what exactly is so special about the restaurant’s breakfast menu. Why do people seem to hype it so much that it sounds like something you should never miss?

To answer that, everything is special about the breakfast menu at Wawa. While we don’t have all day to discuss all the items on the menu, you can get an idea of what to expect.

There are the breakfast hoagies, which consist mainly of a sandwich of scrambled eggs, and some kind of meat, chicken, or bacon. Also, almost every single item from the breakfast hoagies costs less than $6.

There are toasted bagels, loose rolls and bagels, breakfast quesadillas, breakfast bowls, breakfast burritos, sizzles, and hoagie shorti. These are excellent ways to start your day, packing just enough calories at a very affordable price.

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Wawa’s breakfast hours are undoubtedly one of the best in the United States, thanks to the fact that it serves breakfast a bit too early. Unless you go to work from around midnight, you should be able to wait until it serves, at least in most outlets.

Summarily, most of the restaurant’s outlets open for breakfast by 5:00 am, and they serve until 11:00 am. If you need a restaurant that serves an all-day breakfast, I’m afraid you may have to keep looking.

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