Pal’s Menu with Prices 2023

Pal’s Sudden Service may have a weird name, but the offerings of the restaurant itself aren’t very unconventional. When you compare it with that of the average American restaurant, you’ll notice that there’s little to back up the name.

If the nearest restaurant to you is a Pal’s outlet, there’s almost no reason to seek alternatives. While it doesn’t have the most expansive menu in the United States, you have a fine selection of dishes that you can eat of the day, or will.

To reserve your order before getting to the restaurant, you’ll need access to a menu, and the menu should also have prices to help you keep within your budget. In this article, I’ll show you some items on Pal’s menu with their prices to make it easier to order food.

Pal’s Breakfast Menu with Prices

Pal’s Sudden Service serves breakfast using a dedicated menu, as opposed to some restaurants that leave you to figure out what’s best for the morning meal. You can order using the breakfast menu from the opening time until breakfast becomes officially over at 10:30 am.

The items on the breakfast menu are lighter, both economically and in terms of calories. If you can get to the fast-food outlet early enough, you can use the breakfast menu for your order. Here are the items on the breakfast menu to give you an idea of what to expect.

  • Butter Biscuit

Butter biscuit is the cheapest item on the menu, making it one of the most popular among fans. I don’t notice a striking difference among the different biscuits on the menu, making the cheaper option a no-brainer. This item costs only $0.89.

  • Gravy Biscuit

The gravy biscuit has gravy toppings, as the name suggests. According to the restaurant, the meaty sausage gravy biscuit has about 525 calories and costs just under $2, which is about the perfect price and calorie count for a good breakfast.

  • Sausage Biscuit

The sausage biscuit is a lighter option than the gravy biscuit and is a compelling option if you want a delicious breakfast without compromising on your health. With only 460 calories, it’s an excellent choice, especially when you consider the fact that it costs only $1.49.

  • Tender Pork Loin Biscuit

Sausage and meaty gravy aren’t the only biscuit flavors available at Pal’s Sudden Service; you can also make an excellent breakfast menu from the tender pork loin biscuit. Since it’s not a permanent menu item, the availability and price will be based on the specific Pal’s outlet that you’re patronizing.

Pal’s Lunch Menu with Prices

While the breakfast menu at Pal’s is certainly great, the lunch menu has most of the charm. Most of the fan-favorite items on Pal’s Sudden Service menu are exclusive to the lunch menu, which makes it worth waiting for.

The restaurant delays the lunch menu until after breakfast which ends by 10:30 am, which is understandable since it’s what every other American restaurant does. If you’re willing to wait for lunch, here are some of the best items on the lunch menu to compensate for your wait.

  • Big Pal (with Cheese)

Big Pal is the same as Big Mac, except that the restaurant’s name changed. While it certainly does taste differently than Big Mac, the idea remains the same, with an all-beef patty, as well as lettuce, tomato, and onion topping. It costs $3.49 when you order it without cheese and $3.79 with cheese.

  • Chili Burger

Who wants a Big Mac copycat when you can get your teeth on an original spicy chili burger with an all-beef patty? It has almost the same set of toppings as the Big Pal, and there is also the cheese and no-cheese variant. The chili burger costs $4.19, while the smaller variant costs only $2.29.

  • Big Chicken

While I think the Big Pal is a great idea, have you tried out the Big Chicken? I’m a great fan of chicken sandwiches, and you can only expect me to prefer a sandwich with a chicken patty to a burger with an all-beef patty. If you share similar ideals, this $4.09 chicken that comes with cheese is certainly something to look at.

  • Chipped Ham

Chipped ham is the Big Chicken, but with ham instead of the chicken. The ham is 96% fat-free, and it also has the same lettuce, mayo, and pickles toppings as the Big Chicken. At a starting price of $3.79 with optional cheese and bacon, it’s probably the best item on Pal’s menu.

  • Bacon

Bacon isn’t an individual food item at Pal’s, but you can add it to everything that has been mentioned so far. Since you have to pay separately for it, it only makes sense to list it as an individual part of the menu. The extra bacon costs $1.19 per person when adding it to any order at Pal’s.

Hot Dog$ 1.99
Chili Bun$ 1.99
Bacon Toasted Cheese Sandwich$ 3.18
Chipped Ham Sandwich$ 3.79
Toasted Cheese Sandwich$ 1.99
Big Chicken Sandwich$ 4.09
Chipped Ham With Cheese Sandwich$ 4.09
Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 3.79
Gravy Biscuit$ 1.99
Toasted Cheese Sandwich$ 1.99
Chili Bun$ 1.99
Hot Dog$ $ 1.99
Big Pal Burger$ 3.49
Bacon Big Pal Burger$ 4.68
Double Big Pal Burger$ 4.79
Junior Burger$ 1.94
Double Junior Burger$ 2.89
Chili Burger$ 4.19
Small Chili burger$ 2.69
Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 3.79
Bacon Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 4.98
Double Big Pal Burger With Cheese$ 5.09

Pal’s Dinner Menu

Most Pal’s locations close on or after 10:00 pm which is pretty late into the night, depending on who you ask. With such a late closing hour, you’ll expect the fast-food outlet to have a separate dinner menu for late-night diners.

However, night owls will have to resort to the loaded lunch menu, even if they’re eating well outside the regular lunch hours. This isn’t a bad thing, since the dinner menus for most restaurants are pretty close to what you’ll find on Pal’s lunch menu, anyway.

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Pal’s Sudden Service offers only fast food, and that’s not amazing; the name says the service is sudden. However, the suddenness might prove excellent, since they also have some of the best breakfast and lunch items, copying more successful restaurants.

If you need to get an item from Pal’s Sudden Service for breakfast or lunch, here’s a comprehensive guide. This article outlines some items on the breakfast and lunch menus, complete with their average prices.

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