Best Pistachio Martini Recipes You Would Like 

If you’re looking for a creamy drink made with chilled vodka and pistachio liqueur, then you should try Pistachio Martini. 

Pistachio Martini is a dessert-friendly type of classic Martini, which consists of gin or vodka combined-based ingredients like vermouth and olive juice. 

This drink awakens a summer feeling, while the cocktail’s creaminess is just perfect for cold nights.

Hence, let’s discuss the famous pistachio martini recipes, how to prepare them, and expert tips. 

What Is A Pistachio Martini?

A pistachio martini is a tasty and creamy martini that contains pistachio liqueur, Irish cream, and white chocolate liqueurs.

This drink is sweet and makes you feel as though you are drinking a shake rather than a potent martini. 

The rim of the glass has a thin layer of white chocolate which has been dipped in chopped pistachios for a garnish.

However, it contains alcohol; as such, you need to drink responsibly and sip slowly! 

How to Make Pistachio Martini Recipes 

There are various common recipes developed for this drink; however, we will talk about the most common one and how to make it. 

Ingredients Needed 


  • 6 ounces of Pistachio liqueur
  • 4 ounces of Vodka
  • 3 ounces of White chocolate liqueur
  • 2 ounces Chopped white chocolate
  • 2 ounces of Chopped pistachios
  • Ice cubes

Instructions on How to Make Pistachio Martini 

  • Melt white chocolate in a microwave. 
  • Chop the pistachios finely
  • Add the chocolate and chopped pistachios to two small, shallow dishes.
  • Dip the rim of a martini glass in the melted chocolate, 
  • Then dip it in the chopped pistachios and set the glasses aside.
  • Fill the shaker with ice.
  • Add pistachio liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and vodka, then shake well.
  • Serve pistachio martini in the prepared glasses. 

7 Top Pistachio Martini Recipes 

Let’s discuss other commonly made recipes for pistachios martini 

  • Pistachio Crème Martini

Pistachio Creme Martini is good to lighten your mood with its creamy, dreamy dessert-style drinks in martini glasses, 

For this super creamy and rich recipe, you only need a cocktail shaker, Rum, pistachio syrup, triple sec, and a half and half combine to make one decadent drink. 

Then you can top it with a little whipped cream and chocolate sauce. 

  • Pistachio Martini with Limoncello

Pistachio Martini with Limoncello cocktail is a refreshing change from other dessert martinis. It is refreshing with the flavor of lemon and fresh mint, making it a perfect after-dinner cocktail.

It’s also good to take when you just want to chill with a cocktail after a long day. 

This drink is made by combining vodka, pistachio liqueur, and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. 

Shake this vigorously until well combined and icy cold. 

It is best enjoyed when served in chilled martini glasses dressed in a rim of finely chopped pistachios and mint.  

  • Pistachio Espresso Martini

With Pistachio Espresso Martini, you can skip the dessert and sip on a nice after-dinner cocktail. 

It is the combination of freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur, pistachio liqueur, and vodka mixed together to grace your martini glass. 

Shake the ingredients well enough to get it nice and foamy.

You can top it with a few espresso beans before drinking. 

  • Pistachio Martini Recipe with Blue Curacao

Pistachio Martini Recipe with Blue Curacao doesn’t actually have anything pistachio flavored in it.

However, the ingredients combine to create a slightly nutty flavor that’s very reminiscent of pistachio.

You can use Amaretto and blue curacao to create magic together and Bailey’s Irish Cream to give this martini a creamy texture! 

  • Creamy White Chocolate Pistachio Martini

Creamy White Chocolate Pistachio Martini is an extra creamy martini with white chocolate enough for any dessert table 

Th8s cocktail is mainly made up of pistachio liqueur, vodka, and white chocolate liqueur.

With a bit of chocolate syrup and a chopped nut-rimmed glass, it is an absolutely delicious drink.

  • Pistachio Martini with Amaretto 

Pistachio Martini with Amaretto has Pistachios, and amaretto is made of Pistachio liqueurs and amaretto and complimented by white chocolate liqueur and vodka.

To prepare this, mix them all in a cocktail shaker with ice, garnish with a little chocolate sauce, and enjoy these tasty drinks with some friends. 

  • Pistachio Martini Recipe with Irish Cream

Pistachio Martini Recipe with Irish Cream is a simple cocktail full of sweet, delicious flavors and nuttiness. 

It contains vanilla vodka, pistachio liqueur, and Irish cream. 

To make this recipe, add all the ingredients, with some ice, into a cocktail shaker and shake well for a few seconds. 

Strain into a nicely chilled martini glass, garnish with a rim of crushed pistachios, and enjoy that first sip! 

Expert Tips to make Pistachio Martini Recipe 

There are several ways to add the delicious flavor of pistachios to your cocktails. 

You can use Pistachio liqueur to add a nice warm sweetness to your drinks. However, you can add pistachio syrup, ground pistachios, and even pistachio ice cream if you want a frozen drink. 

Also, you can customize this dessert cocktail recipe with your favorite add-ins. 

You can use additional liqueurs like crème de menthe, blue curaçao, or white chocolate liqueur. Increase the sweetness with pistachio syrup, triple sec, or simple syrup.  

Then use tart, fruity notes with lime juice or cranberry juice to make the mixture creamier with a dash of half-and-half or heavy cream.

You can garnish the glass rims with chocolate syrup and crushed pistachios. 

All you have to do is to dip the rim of the Martini glass into melted chocolate sauce, then the chopped pistachios. 

Top the cocktail with a dollop of whipped cream or a small scoop of pistachio ice cream for an extra creamy finish.

Perfect way To Garnish A Martini Glass

To garnish a martini glass, you will need melted white chocolate and chopped pistachios.

Get two plates. Place the melted white chocolate on one plate and the chopped pistachios on the other plate. 

Dip the glass rim into the white chocolate and then into the finely chopped pistachios.

You can pop the glass into a freezer for a few minutes while you make the martini.  However, ensure not to leave it in there too long!

Then sip slowly 

Perfect Way to Garnish Your Glass Rims 

The perfect way to have a pistachio martini recipe with a nice rim of crushed pistachios. 

Then add a handful to a spice grinder or coffee mill until they’re almost powdery.

Additionally, you can place them in a plastic bag and crush them with a mallet for a chunkier consistency.  

Meanwhile, you can get crushed nuts as most supermarkets sell crushed nuts.

However, To rim your glasses, take two shallow plates, one with crushed pistachios, and the other will have a sticky liquid, like simple syrup, chocolate syrup, or even lime juice. 

Then dip the rim of a chilled glass into the liquid and then into the chopped nuts before pouring your drink. 

This might be time-consuming as it requires a little extra prep time, but the extra touch is worth it


A pistachio martini is a delicious drink that is made of pistachio liqueur and white chocolate liqueur.

These ingredients are sweet and make you feel as though you are drinking a sweet milkshake rather than a potent martini.

This rich and creamy pistachio martini is all about luxury, thanks to the decadent pistachio liqueur.

This cocktail is a perfect signature drink to offer at your summer party. It is also ideal for sipping by the fireplace on a chilly winter night.

However, this recipe martini is composed of alcohol; as such, you should sip it slowly and drink it responsibly. 

You also have to keep an eye on the kids since they cannot have a taste of it even when it may look attractive to them, thanks to the color and garnish. 

Finally, you can place the prepared glasses in the freezer for a few minutes while you shake the liqueurs and vodka to ensure a perfectly chilled martini.

We hope that you found this recipe helpful. 

Don’t forget to check back for a more interesting read. 


What alcohol goes best with pistachio?

Alcohol to use depends on the preparation.

However, pistachios are good with a porter or pilsner as they are with Pinot Noir.

What are the three types of martini?

Martini can be in Dry, Perfect, or Wet form. 

Use a classic martini, or a wet martini, when you prefer an equal ratio of gin and dry vermouth.

What is pistachio liqueur?

Pistachio liqueur is made with an infusion of roasted California pistachios sweetened with pure cane sugar. 

It has a robust nutty flavors with a delicate finish brought out by the exceptional quality and terroir of the pistachios.

What flavor Goes with Pistachio Liqueur?

The taste of pistachio liqueur goes well with many flavors such as vodka, rum, amaretto, or even something like blue curacao to make a great martini. 

However, you can experiment with other bar mixers to see what flavors you can come up with. 

If you want a creamy cocktail, add heavy cream and shake it with some ice to make it more like dessert when served in nice-looking, classic cocktail glasses. Then garnish with a rim of chopped nuts on each glass. 

Can I Turn This Recipe into A Mocktail?

You can turn this martini recipe into a mocktail when you use 6 ounces of milk, a scoop of softened pistachio ice cream, a dash of vanilla extract, and a bit of pistachio extract.

Let the ice cream melt slightly, then shake it with ice in a cocktail shaker. 

You can Serve it in a garnished martini glass as described above. 

Can I Add More Flavors to the Pistachio martini?

You can use vanilla-flavored vodka instead of plain vodka to make this cocktail more of a crowd-pleaser. 

Also, you can add  ¼ teaspoon of pistachio extract for a more prominent pistachio flavor, which will be ideal for two servings.

Should I Shake Or Stir Martini?

Martinis can technically be shaken or stirred; however, pistachio martini needs a good shake to ensure all ingredients come together. This also ensures that the martini is well-chilled from the ice cubes.

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