Texas De Brazil Lunch Hours 2023: (opening hour)

Texas De Brazil lunch hours? Brazilian steak is one of the best in the world, making Brazilian steakhouses a niche category of restaurants in its own right. If you’re somewhere around Texas, Texas De Brazil might just be the best Brazilian steakhouse to pick up a cut of beef for lunch.

Of course, Texas De Brazil doesn’t open for service forever; there are specific lunch hours when you can walk into the restaurant to have lunch. If you’ve had an item from the lunch menu at least once, you wouldn’t want to miss the awesome steaks at the restaurant.

In this article, I’ll provide the opening and closing hours for Texas De Brazil, as well as the breakfast hours. Also, you’ll learn about some of the most nutritious steaks to eat at this steakhouse if you got there on time.

When Does Texas De Brazil Start Serving Lunch?

Most restaurants in the United States serve lunch as soon as they’re done with breakfast. Since breakfast typically stops by 11:00 am, you can expect most restaurants, fast-food outlets, and steakhouses to serve customers using the lunch menu from 11:00 am.

It’s crucial to note that Texas De Brazil is probably the most typical steakhouse serving lunch in the United States. From that statement alone, you should already know that the lunch hours at this famous steakhouse start at 11:00 am, immediately after breakfast is over.

If you’re patronizing an outlet that serves breakfast brunch, there’s a chance that you may get lunch sooner. As long as the doors are open, consider asking if lunch is available. Sometimes, the best lunch you’ve ever tasted could be the ones you ate outside the official hours.

You should note that there might be important differences among the lunch hours across the different Texas De Brazil outlets in the United States. Different locations have different lunch requirements, influenced by a wide variety of factors.

To determine if the location nearest to you is open for lunch, consider placing a call through to the customer service. You can get a relevant phone number at the store locator on their official website. To learn how to find the nearest outlet, address, and phone number using this locator, skip to the section below.

When Does Texas De Brazil Stop Serving Lunch?

Texas De Brazil doesn’t serve items from its lunch menu all day. Like most other restaurants in the US, after serving for a few hours, it switches to its dinner menu, which is just as loaded as the lunch menu. But when exactly does Texas De Brazil stop offering items from the lunch menu to customers?

Again, this depends on what outlet you patronized. Most Texas De Brazil outlets will stop serving breakfast by 3:00 pm normally on weekdays, but they stay open for 30 minutes later on weekends. The reason for the late closing hour on weekends is the extra hour of a wait before opening.

If you don’t know already, Texas De Brazil outlets don’t open for lunch until noon on Saturdays and Sundays. Thanks to this delay, the restaurant stays for thirty minutes after the regular 3:00 pm before shelving the lunch menu. While that isn’t equal, it’s better than not attempting to make up for it.

It may also interest you to learn that most Texas De Brazil outlets don’t open for breakfast. If you’re planning to get breakfast, you may have to visit an alternate restaurant first. That breakfast is unavailable isn’t that surprising; who wants to go to a steakhouse for breakfast?

If you’re feeling like having the Texas De Brazil feeling in the morning, you can try calling the nearest location to check if they serve the breakfast brunch. You can check out the guide below if you don’t have a number for the Texas De Brazil outlet near you. 

Texas De Brazil Lunch Hours 

Texas De Brazil starts at 11:00 am, immediately after breakfast is over. Most Texas De Brazil outlets will stop serving breakfast by 3:00 pm normally on weekdays.

How to Find the Nearest Texas De Brazil Outlet?

Despite having a name that suggests that it’s only available in Texas, there are 57 different outlets of this steakhouse scattered around the world. If you’ve heard of the famous steak at this restaurant, you may search for the nearest outlet around you.

However, finding a restaurant can be a bit of a hassle if you don’t have anyone to guide you. Fortunately, you don’t need a person as a guide when finding a Texas De Brazil steakhouse; the official website is enough to guide.

Here are the steps required to find the nearest restaurant branded Texas De Brazil in the US.

  • Open the store locator on the Texas De Brazil official website.
    • You can do this by visiting the URL directly at texasdebrazil.com/locations. Otherwise, you can open the website’s homepage and click the Locations option in the top corner to access the store locator feature.
  •  If your device prompts to let the website access your location, consider granting access, as it may help you find the nearest location instantly. Otherwise, type in the name of your city into the box to see if there are any locations nearby.
  • Once it brings up the nearest locations, choose the one nearest to you to see the precise locations. You can also open it up in Google Maps for necessary directions to help you get to the restaurant effortlessly.

Before driving to the location, consider calling to confirm that you can get what you’re going for. This is especially true if you’re late or trying to get a menu item that isn’t always available. The customer service should be able to give you more accurate information than you can find online.

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Texas De Brazil is one of the few restaurants in the United States that does not offer a breakfast menu until recently. Even with the breakfast menu, the steakhouse still kept to its limited lunch hours, running from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekdays.

If you’re trying to get lunch at Texas De Brazil on a weekend, you’ll have to wait an hour for the outlet to open. To compensate for that, they’ll close 30 minutes later, a gesture which I don’t think is enough compensation for a delayed lunch.

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