Why Does Chick fil A Make Me Poop?

Why Does Chick fil A Make Me Poop?

Correlation isn’t always equal to causation, but when the correlation starts to become excessive, there’s no other option than to adjudge it as the cause of the problem in question. One common complaint flying around the internet about Chick-fil-A lately is its tendency to make people poop, and with the frequency of complaints, it’s becoming … Read more

Are Hash Browns All Day at McDonalds?

Are Hash Browns All Day at McDonalds

McDonald’s has a couple of interesting breakfast items, and hash browns are one of the most remarkable. Not only are they loved by so many of the restaurant’s customers, but they’re also low in calories and perfect to get your day going. However, one problem with most of the fan-favorite dishes at McDonald’s is that … Read more

Does Chick Fil A Sell Fries in the Morning?

Does Chick fil A Sell Fries in the Morning

Fries are always exclusive to the lunch menu in most of US restaurants for some reason, but there are always exceptions to every rule. If you think you’ll appreciate getting some fries early in the morning, you may want to pray for a couple of exceptions to the unwritten “no fries in the morning” rule. … Read more

What is The $3 Meal at McDonald’s?

What is The $3 Meal at McDonald's

If you’re short on cash, but you still want to eat healthy (or just at least semi-healthy), McDonald’s may be able to help you out.  There’s actually a little-known secret menu item that will help you fill up on the cheap: The $3 meal. The catch? You have to know how to ask for it … Read more

Cheapest Meal At Burger King 2023

Cheapest Meal At Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King are undoubtedly two of the world’s most popular fast food chains, but with all their similarities, there are also differences – and these differences become apparent when you’re on a strict budget. Here’s how much more your dollar will get you at McDonald’s than at Burger King. One thing that must … Read more