How To Find Hardee’s Restaurant Near Me

Other than the many legal disputes that the fast-food chain has involved itself in over its lengthy lifetime, there’s nothing really special about Hardee’s. it’s just a simple restaurant with a simple name and simple menu items, and fans seem to love it for being honest simple. 

The restaurant has over 1,800 outlets in the United States, with a few hundred other stores sprinkled across 14 other countries. While that doesn’t put the restaurant in the same category as industry leaders like McDonald’s and Burger King, it makes it one of the top multinational fast-food restaurants in the United States.

However, what good are many outlets when you do not know how to access them. In this article, I’ll show you how to find a Hardee’s restaurant near me using a device with an internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you have a phone or a computer, there are always ways to get to a Hardee’s.

About Hardee’s

If you’ve ever given a second to compare the items on the Hardee’s menu to that on the Carl’s Jr. menu, you’ll notice striking similarities. These similarities exist because both fast-food chains are subsidiaries of the same company: CKE Holdings Inc.

Of the two sister restaurants, however, Hardee’s appears to be the most far-reaching with over 3,000 outlets compared to Carl’s Jr.’s 676. It shouldn’t be surprising that you may know Hardee’s well without ever hearing about its sister outlet that’s based primarily in California.

Hardee’s has been around for over 60 years, they’ve continuously added new items to the already excellent menu to appeal to a wider audience. They’re famous for the signature “Made From Scratch” biscuits that are made fresh every fifteen minutes as an integral part of the breakfast menu.

If you’re looking to patronize a Hardee’s outlet in Canada, you’re out of luck, as they have banned the restaurant from using the name within the country. This ruling came after a dispute with Harvey’s fast-food brand in Canada over naming rights, which eventually saw Hardee’s having to give up their name.

In Canada, all Hardee’s outlets rebranded to Carl’s Jr., while keeping the same set of menu items. If you’re looking for an item exclusive to Hardee’s, you may have to walk into a random Canadian Carl’s Jr., while hoping that what you want is available. In most cases, it won’t.

How to Find a Hardee’s Restaurant Near Me

Putting the personal history of Hardee’s aside for a second, you should know where the restaurant is located if you’ll ever patronize them. Note that we targeted this article at users in the United States; if you’re in Canada, you’ll have to look for the nearest Carl’s Jr. outlet since Hardee’s doesn’t exist there.

There are several ways to find a Hardee’s restaurant nearby, depending on what device you have handy. If you have no devices, you can ask someone for directions; mobile phone users can use Google Maps or whatever navigation app they use, while you can use Hardee’s store locator on a computer.

The store locator is a feature built directly into Hardee’s official website that lets you find the nearest outlet from the comfort of your home. Since it’s the only official way to find the nearest Hardee’s, I’ll focus on this method in this article.

Here are the methods required to find the nearest Hardee’s outlet in the United States.

Finding a Hardee’s restaurant near me using the store locator

With over 1,500 Hardee’s locations scattered evenly across the United States, there’s a need for a store locator to help users find the nearest restaurant. Sure enough, the restaurant listened to users and implemented the feature, helping people get to nearby Hardee’s faster.

Here are the steps required to find a Hardee’s outlet near you using the store locator feature on the official website.

  • Open the website on your favorite browser

Given that the locations feature lives on the website, it only makes sense to open the browser before having access to it. For the full experience, consider browsing the website on a laptop computer or desktop, even if your mobile phone appears to browse the pages flawlessly.

You can open Hardee’s website by entering the web address ( into the address box of your favorite browser. That should load up the restaurant’s official website where you can access a plethora of controls, including the Locations option.

  • Navigate to the store locator option on the website

Hardee’s is a bit, unlike most other restaurants that have a store locator feature on their official website. While they typically add the option to access the store locator to the top section of the website, you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to access Hardee’s.

From the footer, click on the Locations link and you’ll be redirected to a page with “All Location” as the title. Congratulations, you’ve successfully made it to the store locator on Hardee’s official website.

  • Find the nearest Hardee’s 

You should receive an alert to enable the website to know your location. If you click on Allow, start seeing a list of restaurants with familiar addresses. What happened was that Hardee’s logged your address, compared it with that of other restaurants on the list, and suggested the nearest locations.

If it didn’t work that way, you can manually find new locations by zooming in on the map or entering your location into the input box on the left. It doesn’t matter how you find it, as long as it brings up a location near you, the mission is successful.


This article has explained all there is to know about finding nearby Hardee’s outlets using multiple ways. You can use the handy store locator, which has been designed to detect your location automatically and suggest nearby outlets, but only if you enabled your geolocation services.

Alternatively, you can find Hardee’s using your smartphone’s navigation app. Google Maps and Apple Maps are both excellent options, and they both see you to the nearest Hardee’s outlet, even if you know nowhere.

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