Sonic Chili Dog: A tasty meal

The Sonic chili dog is a deliciously prepared sausage, that has been dipped in sweet sauce, and well polished with cheese. It is affordable for everyone to buy, as the chili combo cost less than $6 while the regular chili dog costs less than $3.

We can take the chili dog as breakfast, or as snacks during the day. You can always have the fast food with an ice tea, a milkshake, or any drink of your choice. The Sonic chili is perfect for all occasions and for all seasons.

The creators of the chili dog gained their inspiration of the fast food from the animation movie Sonic hedgehog. The movie was famous around the world and came into the limelight in the year 1993. The movie was later integrated into a video game few years after gaining I fame and was played by all age groups.

Sonic drive-in capitalized on using the famous animation movie for their food brand, and that was where the name “chili dog” originated from. This has been an excellent choice for the company, as the food brand had gained lots of fame over the years.

Lovers of the animated movie would remember that the term “Sonic” and “hotdog” was mostly mentioned in the movie. And the comic movie featured some pretty good hamburgers, and some milkshakes making it perfect for a food chain like sonic to use for their food brand. You basically cannot separate sonic from hotdogs.

How To Make A Sonic Chili Dog

Few years after the launch of the chili dog, people ponder on the possibilities of making their very own chili dog from the comfort of their home. Which is why I put together the perfect recipe which can be used to make a Sonic chili dog. In addition, I will also explain how to create your very own chili dog using the recipe recommended.

You can make chili dog from the comfort of your home while using your homemade equipments. You just need to follow instructions and you’ll make a deliciously prepared chili dog.

Preparing The Sonic Chili Dog

Before preparing the chili dog, you may decide to wear anything you want. You may also want to put on some nice relaxing music 

The next step is to prepare your ingredients which you will use in making your chili. In other to make a chili dog, you will need mushrooms, pepper for that hot feeling, and onions for great taste.

As mentioned above that you will need some mushrooms, then you will need to carefully slice the mushroom. Ensure you wash your ingredients, and clean your chopping board for proper hygenie.

Next step is to cut your pepper nicely on the chopping board. The next thing for you to do is to heat your pot on fire, and ensure its heated.

Once you’ve confirmed that your pot is heated enough, you can then add oil to your pot. Ensure the quantity of the oil are not too much or too small.

Proceed by adding all of your ingredients to the oil while you stir it intermittently. Once your recipe feels okay and ready to eat, you can then add your tomatoes. It’s recommended you choose knuckles fist tomatoes if you are trying to make a replica of the Sonic chili dog.

You may then want to add some sauce. It’s recommended you choose Worcestershire sauce. You may also want to include some barbecue sauce.

Stir all your ingredients, alongside your sauces and tomatoes together. Don’t stop stirring until you get a picture of a chili. 

Allow your ingredients simmer for about twenty minutes. Always ensure the fire heating your portis. It too much, so you don’t end up preparing a burnt offering.

After leaving your ingredients to simmer, now may be the perfect time to add your spices. Add a small quantity of chili powder to your ingredients.

Then add a small quantity of cumin. Ensure all of your ingredients for making this chili dog arr fresh and new, as old products might not give you the exact taste.

Next stop is to add a small quantity of oregano. Then proceed by adding kidney beans. Then stir everything together while you taste your chili, and you may decide to add more chili, sauces or other ingredients to suit your taste.

Do note that you are advisable to add one or two teaspoons of all the ingredients listed above, and you might need to be patient enough as the whole process of preparing a chili might take two hours of your time.

Next step is to allow your chili and ingredients simmer once more. It’s best to leave it for up to an hour. You can do this by turning down the heat on your pot, then you resume heating after some minutes.

Preparing The Hotdog’s

In other to make a replica of the chili dog, you are going to need to cook your hot dogs. It’s best to put your hotdogs on the fire, then mix it up with some of the sauce listed above, while you allow it cook for up to 15 minutes. Ensure you cook your hot dogs well enough.

Once your hotdogs are well cooked, turn down the heat volume and add up your chili with the hotdogs while you also add your cheese on it.

The final step is to enjoy your work, and have a wonderful meal, while you gulp it down with some milkshakes, soda, soft drinks, or alcohol.

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In conclusion

The sonic chili dog is a deliciously prepared fast food for all age groups. The idea of the fast food brand originated from the animated movie “Sonic Hedgehog”. Meanwhile, the chili dog is very much affordable. You can buy a chili dog for less than $3.

In addition, this publication also uncover the step-by-step guide on how to make a chili dog. I hope you enjoy reading, don’t forget to share this publication, and drop a comment.

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