Sonic Chicken Sandwich: A delicious Meal

Sonic Chicken Sandwich

The Sonic chicken sandwich came into limelight in the year 2021. They launched the sandwich menu option the same day McDonald launched their own chicken sandwich option. Sonic also accompanied the chicken sandwich launch with a chicken sandwich which is remarkably spicy. Sonic are a food chain known for offering the best of the fast … Read more

Burger King French Toast Sticks: Read More

Burger King French Toast Sticks

If you are a fan of the Burger King food chain, then you should be no stranger to the all the veggie “Burger King french toast sticks” There are diverse version of the french toast sticks which are the traditional version, dip version or the stick version.  French toast fries are an amazing fast food … Read more

Sonic Chili Dog: A tasty meal

Sonic Chili Dog

The Sonic chili dog is a deliciously prepared sausage, that has been dipped in sweet sauce, and well polished with cheese. It is affordable for everyone to buy, as the chili combo cost less than $6 while the regular chili dog costs less than $3. We can take the chili dog as breakfast, or as … Read more

McDonald’s Hash Brown Carbs: A Sweet Delicacy

McDonald's Hash Brown Carbs

McDonald’s hash brown carbs are one of the most popular sides ordered at this restaurant chain, but they aren’t very healthy.  The McDonald’s website reveals that the medium-sized order of hash browns contains 570 calories and 2,620 milligrams of sodium; nearly an entire day’s worth of each, respectively! For these reasons, you might order this … Read more

IHOP Classic Burrito: A Sweet Delicacy

IHOP Classic Burrito

Many people have tried the classic Mexican burrito, but few have tried IHOP’s Classic Burrito, one of the tastiest burritos out there. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth without leaving your desk, then look no further than IHOP Classic Burrito! This tasty meal will satisfy your taste buds and fill you until the … Read more

McDonald’s Double Filet-o-Fish Price

McDonald's Double Filet-o-Fish Price

Many people have asked, How much does the Mcdonald’s Double Filet-o-Fish cost? We have estimated that the current McDonald’s Double Filet-o-Fish price is $3.39, but this may vary depending on where you buy it, such as at McDonald’s drive-thru or inside of the restaurant.  Since they released the fish sandwich, it has gone through many transformations … Read more

 IHOP Spicy Poblano Omelette Nutrition Facts

 IHOP Spicy Poblano Omelette Nutrition Facts

IHOP has recently added a spicy Poblano omelette to their menu which sounds really delicious. However, before you go ahead and order it, you need to know about the calories and other nutrition facts of this new dish.  We’ve done all the work to find out the IHOP spicy poblano omelette nutrition facts so that … Read more

IHOP Southwest Chicken Burrito: A must read

IHOP Southwest Chicken Burrito

The IHOP Southwest Chicken Burrito will have you wondering how they do it all with just 550 calories.  Their kitchen’s most recent creation starts with seasoned chicken, grilled and served warm, wrapped in a fluffy flour tortilla with black beans, bell peppers, corn and cheese sauce, with zesty southwest spices throughout, all served with creamy … Read more

How Much Caffeine is in a McDonald’s Frappe

How Much Caffeine is in a McDonald's Frappe

If you’re looking to avoid caffeine, you might assume that the best thing to drink at McDonald’s would be water or even soda without caffeine.  However, if you thought that, you would be wrong. It’s actually the opposite! In fact, one of the worst things to order at McDonald’s is their Frozen Strawberry Frappe drink, … Read more