Dairy Queen Lunch Hours 2023: (opening time)

Apart from the fact that it’s one of the best-named restaurants, I think we can all agree that Dairy Queen serves some of the tastiest ice-creams you’ll have at any US restaurant. The food is also delicious, from the breakfast menu to the iconic lunch menu.

While you’re more likely to get breakfast at DQ, nothing is preventing you from walking in at the designated time for lunch, especially since it’s confirmed that they have a different lunch menu. The only problem at this point is about the Dairy Queen lunch hours.

When walking into any Dairy Queen outlet for an item from the lunch menu, you generally want to be sure it’s at a time when the restaurant is serving lunch. This article will show you the general lunch hours at Dairy Queen, if it’s possible to get lunch during breakfast at the restaurant, and whether or not an “all-day breakfast” is available.

Can You Get Lunch During Breakfast at Dairy Queen?

At the moment, Dairy Queen only allows customers to use the breakfast menu during the breakfast hours, meaning you can only get lunch during lunchtime at Dairy Queen. This behavior is perfectly normal and is expected of most restaurants in the United States.

Some restaurants in the United States, like some Burger King outlets, for example, will allow you to order from the lunch menu in the morning, but is that the case with Dairy Queen too? Can you get lunch during breakfast at Dairy Queen?

To be clear, Dairy Queen serves breakfast from its opening hours until 10:30 am when the restaurant switches to the lunch menu. If you want breakfast, you may want to show up before 10:30 am or you may have to make do with items meant for lunch. 

Does Dairy Queen Have 5 Buck Lunch All Day?

The five-buck lunch is one of Dairy Queen’s most popular initiatives, thanks to the fact that it’s insanely affordable while keeping the delicious taste you can associate with the restaurant. One clarification that most people seek, however, is if the $5 lunch is available all day.

The answer will depend on the specific Dairy Queen outlet you’re visiting, as almost all locations are owned and managed by private individuals. Generally, the five buck lunch should be available all day across all outlets, but some choose to only offer it during the lunch hours; precisely between 11 am and 4 pm.

To verify if it’s available before making an order, you may want to place a call over to the outlet you’re visiting to ask if they offer the $5 buck lunch all day. If they don’t, you may want to go with whatever is available, or better still, wait until it’s lunchtime before making your order.

What is the $7 Meal at Dairy Queen?

If you’ve been browsing around the Dairy Queen website, chances are that you’ll eventually come across the iconic $7 meal at some point. Given how popular it seems to be, you can’t help but ask: what is the $7 meal at Dairy Queen exactly?

The meal is a three-piece chicken strip meal served with a dipping sauce of your choice. The meal comes with a 21 oz. drink, fries, and sundae, and as the name suggests, the entire package comes at a ridiculously low price of only $7! You can’t get a better deal for that price.

It’s crucial to note, however, that the $7 meal deal is only available at participating Dairy Queen locations. For some reason, the meal is unavailable in Texas, and the prices may be mildly different in some states. The availability of the meal also depends on the availability of chicken at the restaurant, and Dairy Queen isn’t making any promises. 

Dairy Queen Lunch Hours

Depending on the location and the day of the week, Dairy Queen only starts serving lunch by 10:30 am and 11 am on weekdays and weekends respectively after retiring its breakfast menu for the day. No all-day breakfast or lunch is going on here, so you either show up on time or forfeit what you want.

Like most other restaurants in the United States, Dairy Queen doesn’t serve lunch as soon as it opens. There are specific hours of the day dedicated to serving items from the lunch menu, and as soon as those hours are over, the restaurant stops serving lunch.

You should also know that Dairy Queen doesn’t have a dedicated dinner menu, so it serves customers using the lunch menu until very late into the night. In that sense, it’s pretty obvious that lunchtime is only over when the restaurant closes for the day, and that’s at 11 pm.

Does Dairy Queen Serve Lunch on Holidays?

Dairy Queen is open on most holidays, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. The culture of most US restaurants is to operate at unusual hours during holidays, but is that the case with Dairy Queen? Does Dairy Queen serve lunch during holidays?

The answer depends on what holiday you’re talking about. If it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving, the answer is no, but neither does the restaurant serve breakfast or dinner either. It stays closed on those two days to allow for the only two days of rest that the hardworking employees at DQ are allowed to have.

On the other hand, Dairy Queen does serve lunch on every other holiday apart from the two mentioned above since it operates using its regular hours whenever it’s open. In short, as long as a Dairy Queen outlet is open, you can always access items from the lunch menu.

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Dairy Queen starts serving lunch by 10:30 am after using the breakfast menu and will continue to serve until it closes for the day. You cannot access lunch in the morning and breakfast accessible in the afternoon; in short, Dairy Queen is your average US restaurant.

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