Qdoba Breakfast Hours 2023: [opening & closing hour]

If you live in the United States but enjoy fancy Mexican cuisine, you should be a great fan of Qdoba Mexican Eats. The primary goal of this restaurant chain, true to its name, is making different foods of Mexican origin available to United States citizens.

Over the years, Qdoba has slowly improved from being a largely ignored company to one that regularly serves breakfast to thousands of customers monthly. However, one thing that still prevents interested Americans from accessing their favorite Mexican foods since the advent of Qdoba is the existence of breakfast hours.

Understandably, this platform is incapable of serving breakfast 24 hours a day and 7 days weekly. To tackle this, like most other restaurants, it only receives orders from its breakfast menu at certain hours of the day. This article will outline the Qdoba breakfast hours on weekdays and weekends.

When Does Qdoba Start Serving Breakfast?

There are over 750 different locations of Qdoba scattered across the United States and Canada. With that number, it’s virtually impossible to regulate the opening and closing times of every single one of the restaurant’s outlets in the country.

While Qdoba does all of it to ensure that all of its outlets abide by most of the company’s rules and stipulations religiously, it did little to remove the typical variation among the opening times of different outlets.

With everything else equal, a Qdoba location should start serving breakfast as early as 6:30 am, which isn’t very early compared to most restaurants. Full-blown restaurants are typically expected to start serving breakfast as early as 5:00 am, since many on the market do so.

With that said, an opening time of 6:30 am isn’t terrible either, since there are only a few people that desperately need to eat breakfast before then. Also, even this set of people has alternative restaurants that open much earlier, making this less of a problem than it seems.

There have been reports of people who were able to order breakfast from Qdoba earlier than 6:30 am. Also, some Qdoba outlets won’t start serving breakfast until it’s after 7:00 am, while some don’t even serve breakfast at all. You should confirm the specific location you’re visiting before making a move.

You can navigate to locations.qdoba.com on a recent browser to bring up the locations of the different branches separated by state. Click on the name of your state and then your city to bring up all the Qdoba outlets available there.

You’ll see the different locations for the specific outlets; click on one of them to open the details. If the operating hours are anything after 7:00 am, that specific outlet is likely not serving breakfast. You can use alternative restaurants to get breakfast while you wait for the lunch menu.

When Does Qdoba Stop Serving Breakfast?

The select few Qdoba outlets that serve breakfast don’t do it all day. Just like breakfasts should be, they’re only available for a select few hours every day, typically until 11:00 am. This isn’t terrible; rather, it matches the offerings of most of Qdoba’scompetitors in the United States.

However, not every restaurant branded Qdoba will stop serving breakfast by 11:00 am. Some do not serve breakfast at all and are only open by that time. However, I expect you to have known that fact if you read the preceding section, which made everything all clear.

If you’re a few minutes later than the estimated time when the restaurant stops serving, there’s still a good chance that you might be able to get breakfast. Food doesn’t become magically unavailable after 11:00 am; you’ll still be able to order the unsold stuff for up to an hour after the restaurant officially stops.

However, you shouldn’t bet your bucks on the possibility of this being the case, as some restaurants sell out even before the quoted time when the restaurant should stop serving. In the end, what happens depends majorly on the outlet you’re visiting and how their conduct on that day specifically.

The only way to tell when a Qdoba outlet will stop serving breakfast with absolute certainty is by calling in yourself to ask. Remember how you accessed the different locations in the preceding section? You can also get a relevant phone number for each branch that way, making it possible to ask for your specific scenario.

Qdoba Breakfast Hours

Qdoba location should start serving breakfast as early as 6:30 am, which isn’t very early compared to most restaurants. Just like breakfasts should be, they’re only available for a select few hours every day, typically until 11:00 am.

Qdoba Breakfast Menu

Before sweating over Qdoba’s breakfast menu, it’s probably a good idea to learn about the items on the menu to know what you’re in for. You should expect it to be somewhat different from what you’re used to since the whole point of Qdoba is to present the opportunity to try out some new Mexican food.

Here are some of the most popular items on the Qdoba breakfast menu.

  • Breakfast Combo

The breakfast combo is a $5 Mexican twist with peppers, scrambled eggs, onions, and meat. For $5, you get enough calories to start your day right without missing the distinct Mexican awesomeness that characterizes Qdoba.

  • Breakfast Quesadilla

This Mexican delicacy is available in different varieties at Qdoba: Mexican Chorizo, Chicken, and Egg & Cheese. Each of these is served with scrambled eggs, sour cream, and salsa, making it the closest you can get to native Mexican food in the United States.

  • Breakfast Burrito

Just like the quesadilla, there are also many variants of the iconic Qdoba breakfast burrito. You can choose from the grilled chicken burrito, the spicy Mexican sausage burrito, or the steak burrito. All of these are available as part of the breakfast and are served with scrambled eggs and seasoned potatoes.

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Qdoba is doing a great job at bringing some Mexican food to the US, albeit with some minor changes and flaws. For fans of Mexican cuisine, finding a common ground between American and Mexican food is everything you could ever ask for, making Qdoba’s goal nothing short of noble.

To enjoy Qdoba’s offerings, however, you must ensure that you get there on time to be able to access the burritos and quesadillas. This article has outlined the Qdoba breakfast hours to help you ensure that you never miss another breakfast at the restaurant.

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