Popeyes Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

We can all agree that Popeyes serves some of the best chicken dishes in the United States, and it’s not even a debate. The big crowds and drive-through stampede as people try to get their share of the delicious chicken nuggets is enough proof that Popeyes serves great chicken.

However, you cannot access the goodness of Popeyes chicken if you don’t get there at the right time. If you have a Popeyes outlet in your area, you should know it’s not one of those restaurants that open 24 hours, and there hasn’t been any indication that that is coming soon either.

To get to the restaurant on time for your food, you need to know the Popeyes hours. Most Popeyes outlets are only open for lunch, but some open hours early and serve a rather scanty breakfast menu. In this article, you’ll learn when Popeyes starts serving customers breakfast and lunch to always get there on time.

When Does Popeyes Start Serving Breakfast?

If you have many options, it’s much better to try another restaurant with a standard breakfast menu in the morning, but not everyone has options. On the other hand, if all you have around is a Popeyes, you just have to learn when they open for breakfast and make do with whatever is available.

The reason for the advice above is pretty clear: most Popeyes outlets don’t serve breakfast at all, and the few that do lack a decent breakfast menu. Unless you’re willing to get lunch items for breakfast, it’s almost always better to eat at different restaurants.

If you must use Popeyes, you should note that different outlets have different breakfast hours, all of which start when they’re officially open. It could be anything from 6:30 am to 8 am, but since breakfast isn’t a requirement for Popeyes stores, the hours differ widely across locations.

Before heading to a nearby Popeyes for breakfast, it’s crucial to head over to the Popeyes US store locator to check info about nearby Popeyes outlets. If the outlet opens by 10 am, it doesn’t serve breakfast, as 10 am is the time when most of the restaurants in the chain start to serve lunch. 

When Does Popeyes Stop Serving Breakfast?

It’s crucial to emphasize that breakfast is not available at most Popeyes outlets, but assuming you can get it at the one near you, when should you expect them to stop serving breakfast? Already, we know Popeyes that breakfast starts at around 6:30 am to 8 am, depending on where you stay.

Almost all Popeyes outlets will stop serving breakfast by 10 am because that’s when lunchtime starts at the restaurant. Sure, you can get breakfast for around 30 minutes after the official closing time if you ask, but generally, the official time for stopping breakfast should be 10 am.

To be sure, you may want to confirm from the official website of the restaurant linked above. Locate the store you intend to patronize, enter your location (or enable GPS), and you should see when the restaurant stops serving breakfast (or opens for lunch).

Did Popeyes Discontinue Breakfast?

Popeyes didn’t discontinue breakfast; if you think it did, maybe it’s because the restaurant never served any breakfast-specific dish to its customers. Most other restaurants have breakfast sandwiches and all, but if you’re eating out at Popeyes, you’ll have to make do with something else.

Popeyes might have gone viral several times over the last few years, but a truth that most of its fans are most likely already aware of is that the restaurant lacks a decent breakfast menu. When you look at it objectively, you can agree with me, and most especially Popeyes that the restaurant doesn’t need one.

From interactions with customers on its Twitter handle, the restaurant claimed any sandwich could be a breakfast sandwich, an assertion that I agree with. As long as the Popeyes outlet near you opens for breakfast, why should you want your sandwich to carry the “breakfast” tag?

Popeyes Lunch Hours

To get any of the items on the Popeyes lunch menu, you must show up during the lunch hours, which you probably don’t know at this point. The hours are very similar to what you’ll find in any other US restaurant, and that’s probably not very surprising.

Lunchtime starts at Popeyes immediately after breakfast, and since most of the restaurant’s outlets don’t even serve breakfast at all, that would mean it starts as soon as they open. The restaurant opens by 10 am or 10:30 am depending on where you stay, and that usually marks the beginning of breakfast.

As you’d expect, Popeyes stops serving from its lunch menu as soon as it closes, and yes, there’s a closing time for Popeyes; it isn’t like one of those weird restaurants that never close. The restaurant closes by 11 pm, giving you access to lunch all day. 

Does Popeyes Serve Breakfast All Day?

If you’ve been following this article keenly, you should already know that breakfast is one of Popeyes’ weaknesses. While most other restaurants serve decent breakfast items in the morning, you have to make do with chicken sandwiches here. But another question quickly pops up: does Popeyes serve breakfast all day?

To answer that, no, Popeyes doesn’t serve from the breakfast menu all day, and it’s not like they have the best breakfast menu in the world either. Breakfast in Popeyes is more like opening in the morning, and not cooking a specific set of foods that work best in the morning.

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Most Popeyes don’t serve breakfast at all, but the lunch is one of the best you’ll find around. One of the primary reasons it’s the best is the fact that you can access breakfast for 13 full hours each day, starting from 10 am, which is pretty rare among restaurants in the country.


What is Popeyes $5 meal?

For just $5, you get 5 pieces of chicken, 2 biscuits, and a side of your choice. This deal is perfect for those who love Popeyes’ chicken and want to get a lot at a great price.

What is Popeyes $6 special?

Popeyes is offering a 6-piece bona fide chicken meal for only $6. This special includes your choice of either 2 pieces of spicy or original chicken, a biscuit, and 2 sides.

How long does Popeyes 59 chicken last

7 days.

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