How To Find Sonic Restaurant Near Me

Sonic is unlike most other restaurants in the United States; it’s not even a restaurant in the traditional sense, since you can’t walk in anywhere to have your food. You order from your car and wait for a carhop to roll along with your food on roller skates of course.

Many fun things go on behind the scenes at Sonic, but this article is not talking about those. Instead, you’ll learn how to find a sonic restaurant near me to see the niceties that go on at the restaurant.

There are several ways to find the nearest Sonic, and this article will try to examine every single one. Starting from the official Sonic store locator to the maps app on your phone, this article couldn’t have much more to offer.

About Sonic

There’s always a lot to say about Sonic, depending on what you’re talking about exactly. However, I think the fact that there are no breakfast, lunch, or dinner hours is a good place to start, considering how strange that sounds.

Most restaurants in the United States won’t let you order from the breakfast menu when it’s time for lunch, but Sonic disagrees. As long as an item is on any of Sonic’s menus, you can order it off the day, as long as the restaurant is open. 

That there’s no dine-in option even makes this idea more practical. Nobody will care to look at you weirdly as you calmly enjoy your breakfast burrito by 2:30 pm. However, that’s not the only peculiar thing to see at a typical Sonic outlet.

If you’ve always wanted to see a carhop using a roller skate, Sonic is your best bet. Outside their regular work schedule, roller skates at the restaurants do participate in a contest where they win up to $1,500. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the industry’s best carhops all work for Sonic.

How to Find a Sonic Restaurant Near Me

With so much said about Sonic, it’s natural to feel excited about your first or next visit to any of their drive-ins. If you’re in a location that has a Sonic nearby, you should always pick up breakfast, dinner, or lunch.

With over 3,500 Sonic locations across 46 states in the US, the brand is in the league of top options in the industry. While it’s nowhere near the ubiquity of more popular brands like McDonald’s or Burger King, it’s no longer upcoming like Burgerville.

There are several ways to find a nearby Sonic, depending on which device you’re using. If you’re using the huge display of a laptop or desktop, your best bet is the website’s store locator, while mobile phone users are better off with Google Maps instead.

Here are the different methods you can use to find a Sonic restaurant near you and how each of these methods works.

  • Finding a Sonic restaurant near me using the store locator

As hinted above, the store locator option is best for people using huge tablets, laptops, or desktops. It is simply a feature on the Sonic official website that serves as an index of every Sonic outlet in the United States.

To use the store locator, all you need is a device with an internet connection; all other recommendations are secondary. The recommendation for a larger screen is to make it possible to use the maps effectively, which is necessary to ensure you’re not choosing a location that’s not the closest to where you currently are.

With that said, here are the steps required to find a Sonic restaurant using the store locator.

  • Open the Sonic Drive-In website on your device

The first step to finding the nearest Sonic location is visiting the website on your device. If you have a laptop or desktop computer around, there’s almost no reason to use a mobile phone, since it will be pretty useless with the map, anyway.

To visit the website, open any modern browser on your device and enter the Sonic Drive-In web address ( Otherwise, you can search for “Sonic restaurant” using Google and have the popular search engine lead you to the website directly.

Once you get to a website with the Sonic logo and numerous foods, you know you’ve arrived at the restaurant’s official website.

  • Navigate to the Locations section
Sonic Restaurant Near Me

Like with many other restaurants in the United States, the store locator function is hidden under the Locations option in the menu. From the options to the top left of the website, click on Locations to take you to the store locator feature of the Sonic Drive-In website.

If you have a computer, see a gigantic map with a pop-up that says “Find a Sonic Drive-In.” Getting to this page shows you’re at the Locations section, otherwise known as the store locator.

Find the nearest Sonic.

On the store locator page, note that every location mark with the iconic Sonic “S” mark on it represents an independent Sonic location. You can zoom in properly on the map to find the one nearest to where you live and click on it to access more information.

Alternatively, you can enter your current location to bring up a list of the Sonic Drive-Ins nearest to you. If you allow the website to access your location, it should bring up the nearby Sonic locations without having you do any of the above.

Also, you can click on the “All Locations” option to bring up all the Sonic locations by state. Click on your state from the list and then click on the city to see all the Sonic Drive-Ins available there.

Do they have Sonics in Texas?

Yes. As a matter of fact, Texas has the number of Sonic drive-In restaurants in the US, with 966 branches.

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Sonic, originally Sonic Drive-In, has done enough to show us they’re more than just drive-in fast food service. They have enough to motivate you to find those outlets, and you’ll never regret what you did.

If the store locator option didn’t work out as you expected, you can use your phone’s Google Maps. As long as you keep your geolocation services on, you should automatically find the nearest Sonic restaurant, complete with the operating hours and a relevant phone number.

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