What is the Number One Selling Item at Taco Bell?

Taco Bell has sold a lot of food, even for a restaurant that was founded in the ’60s. With over 7,000 different outlets selling items from the same menu simultaneously, even the least popular item should have thousands of orders weekly.

For any reason, you may want to know the top-selling item at Taco Bell. Knowing it makes it a lot easier to order since you already know that the thousands of the restaurant’s customers cannot all be at once. If an item was to be the star of the menu, it’s surely because of how good it is.

You should know, however, that the bestselling item is only one, and it’s probably not even a regular meal. Since you don’t want to keep ordering the same thing each time you get to Taco Bell, I’ll also show you some of the other popular items on the restaurant’s menu.

What is the Best Order from Taco Bell?

I think we can all agree that there’s a difference between the most popular order and the best order. While the popular item could be a side or even a drink, the best item to order should be the main course, and that’s what the restaurant should be known for. So, what is the best order from Taco Bell?

The best order from Taco Bell has to be the Crunchwrap Supreme, which is no doubt the best taco you can get from the restaurant. If you’re tired of the burgers that characterize most fast food outlets in the United States, getting the Crunchwrap Supreme should be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you’re basing your decision on the healthiest item from the menu, you don’t get it better than a Soft Taco. Not only is it the third most popular item at the restaurant, but it only gives you 150 calories. Most people are usually fine with two Soft Tacos, and even if you eat three, you’ll still be keeping your calorie count for the meal below 500. 

What is the Least Ordered Item at Taco Bell?

The least ordered item isn’t something that most restaurants use to brag about. The last time I checked, I couldn’t find a single restaurant that releases a list of the most hated items on its menu, but there are other ways to know.

Thanks to some helpful Taco Bell employees on forums like Reddit and Quora, it’s pretty easy to find out what the least ordered items are. On multiple occasions, former Taco Bell employees have claimed that the restaurant’s black bean burrito is the least ordered food item, and that isn’t surprising.

The food item contains seasoned rice, red, sauce, and of course, black beans among other delicious ingredients, all of which come to 420 calories in total, including the floor tortilla that encloses all the ingredients. While I and many former Taco Bell employees believe this is the least ordered item at the restaurant, there’s no empirical evidence to support the claim.

Another big contender of the least popular item on the Taco Bell menu is the Enchirito. Seriously, do you even know the restaurant serves that? Secret menu items are ordered more often than that item, I’m sure. Also, there’s enough reason to believe that the Black Bean Quesarito is just as unpopular as the equivalent burrito.

What’s the Healthiest Food to Eat at Taco Bell?

Simply ordering for the number one most popular item at Taco Bell is a great way to find the best thing in the least possible time, but there’s a flaw: most people don’t consider nutritional values when ordering at fast food restaurants. If you care so much about your health, ordering the healthiest Taco Bell item might be a better choice.

The Soft Taco has to be the healthiest food at Taco Bell, going by the calorie count compared to the nutritional value. When you order it “Fresco style,” Taco Bell will swap out some of the fat and sodium healthy parts of the taco, like the mayo sauces, sour cream, and cheese, for the healthier Pico dé Gallo.

The taco is 150 calories in total, so, eating two still keeps you under 500 calories. It also has respectable levels of fat, sodium, and carbs, all of which you can make better if you order it Fresco style. It’s no doubt the healthiest food item you can get at Taco Bell.

What is the Number One Selling Item at Taco Bell?

In a perfect world, the healthiest item should also be the number one selling item, but unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, not even close. Most people will only order what appeals to them and not necessarily the healthiest food item. With that said, what’s the most popular item at Taco Bell?

Unsurprisingly, the Crunchwrap Supreme turns out to be the number one selling item at Taco Bell in most of the states in the country. With it being one of the few items that Taco Bell has managed to get right, it would be a surprise if it wasn’t the number one selling item.

Next to the Crunchwrap Supreme is the Quesarito. soft Taco completes the top three lists, which is a strong showing, given how much people stay away from healthier foods. If you’re trying Taco Bell for the first time, you can never go wrong with any of those items.

What is Taco Bell Known For?

Taco Bell is known for tacos; it’s right there in the name. The specific taco they’re known for will differ, based on who you ask. If you’re only after the most popular item, that would be the Crunchwrap Supreme or the Quesarito, depending on where you stay.

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Taco Bell sells a lot of tacos, but the most popular must be the Crunchwrap Supreme. In some states in the country, people tend to order the Quesarito more often than the supreme, but overall, the latter takes the crown.

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