Taco Bell Breakfast Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

Nothing starts a day better than delicious tacos, and there’s nothing better than getting tacos at a restaurant that’s named after the food. If you’re looking to start your day at taco bell, you may want to get there early enough to make that possible.

Taco Bell doesn’t open all day in the United States. The restaurant follows specific breakfast hours that determine when you can and cannot get breakfast at a Taco Bell outlet.

In this article, you’ll learn when Taco Bell starts and stops serving breakfast to customers. Also, I’ll outline some of the options from Taco Bell’s breakfast menu as amazing suggestions for breakfast at the restaurant.

What Is Taco Bell?

Taco Bell is one the longest-running food chains in the United States, with the first outlet dating back to 1962. By 2022, this restaurant already serves an excess of 40 million customers across 7,000 different Taco Bell restaurants around the world.

The restaurant serves many delicious meals that are perfect for breakfast, but it’s not a bad spot for lunch and dinner either. From tacos to burritos and sandwiches, Taco Bell offers almost every food that isn’t very native to America.

While Taco Bell sounds like a great outlet for breakfast in the US (it is), it doesn’t open all day. The following sections will show you the breakfast hours at Taco Bell to help you decide when best to show up for breakfast.

When Does Taco Bell Start Serving Breakfast?

Since more people want an early breakfast than those who want breakfast after 11:00 am, most people only care about when Taco Bell starts serving breakfast only. This section will show you the opening time at Taco Bell and when you can order the breakfast recipe.

You can order breakfast from Taco Bell as early as 7:00 am according to the official website. While this breakfast time isn’t nearly as good enough compared to other restaurants, it should be sufficient for the majority of the population.

If you’re an early bird that eats breakfast earlier than most, Taco Bell will be a pretty bad breakfast outlet for you. Better alternatives like McDonald’s serve breakfast as early as 5 am on the morning, but that’s only really feasible at outlets that open 24 hours.

Before walking into any Taco Bell restaurant, consider calling in to confirm that they’re already open for breakfast. There’s usually a give or take of thirty minutes for most of the official prices to make for the inconsistency across states and individual Taco Bell stores.

When Does Taco Bell Stop Serving Breakfast?

If you love getting your breakfast tacos late in the day, you won’t care about the time the restaurant starts serving. Instead, you’ll be more focused on the time they start serving, as opposed to when they stop.

Since Taco Bell starts offering breakfast around an hour later than the average restaurant in the United States, they should also stop an hour later, shouldn’t they?

Well, that is apparently not the case, as Taco Bell stops serving breakfast by 11:00 am, at around the same time as almost every other restaurant in the United States. These choking breakfast hours only give you around three hours to pick up breakfast at Taco Bell before you’ll have to use the lunch menu.

Luckily, the lunch menu isn’t bad either, as it contains a lot of the dishes that make Taco Bell one of the most chosen restaurants around. However, you have to get up at the right time if you must eat something from the Taco Bell menu.

Also, you shouldn’t assume that it’s impossible to get something outside of the predefined breakfast hours. Before writing off your Taco Bell breakfast, it’s important to call the specific outlet at which you’re eating to determine if they’ve already stopped serving the breakfast menu for the day.

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours

The breakfast hours at Taco Bell restaurants vary by location and outlet, so it’s important to verify all of these claims with the nearest restaurant before taking them as fact. At the same time, you should understand that the quoted times are directly pulled from the Taco Bell official website, making them the most official times out there.

With that said, you should know Taco Bell starts serving breakfast by 7:00 am and stops serving at 11:00 am if we’re going by official figures. When you calculate that, it gives you about three hours of breakfast time per day, which is poor compared to what other alternatives are offering.

If you get up a lot earlier or a lot later, you may want to find more flexible options or those that serve breakfast all day long. You may also call your local Taco Bell to see if you can get breakfast at your preferred time.

Unless you’re checking in on Christmas or Thanksgiving, you should always find Taco Bell open.

Is Breakfast Served All Day At Taco Bell?

No, they do not serve breakfast all day at Taco Bell. However, they have a breakfast menu that is available until 11am.

If you want restaurant that serves breakfast all day, you may want to try Burger King or McDonald’s.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu

The breakfast menu at Taco Bell is one of the most loved in the United States. If you haven’t tried it extensively, you may wonder: what’s with the menu that makes it so popular amongst the populace.

Here are some of the items on Taco Bell’s breakfast menu to give you a first-hand look at the items that most people are getting every morning.

 1. Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito

 2. Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato

 3. Hash Brown Toasted Breakfast Burrito Steak

 4. Hash Brown

 5. Premium Hot Coffee

 6. Mountain Dew Kickstart Orange Citrus

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Getting breakfast at Taco Bell is always an enjoyable experience unless you’re too late. When you understand you won’t be getting your favorite burrito because you’re an hour too early, you may want to check out the breakfast hours at Taco Bell.

In this article, I’ve outlined all the times that Taco Bell serves breakfast to customers. I’ve also listed some of the items on the Taco Bell menu to show you some of the options available from 7:00 am to 11:00 am.

If you missed out on the breakfast menu, you can always use the lunch and dinner menus, as they’re almost equally enticing.


Is Taco Bell bringing back the Enchirito?

The Enchirito is back. You can now order Enchirito from the Taco Bell menu.

What do they serve at Taco Bell for breakfast?

Taco Bell serve a variety of breakfast items that are sure to satisfy your hunger. From their breakfast burrito to their new triple layer nachos.

Does Taco Bell still have the breakfast burrito?

Yes, Taco Bell still has the breakfast burrito.

The breakfast burrito is a delicious way to start your day, and it’s one of the most popular items on the Taco Bell menu. If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast that will fill you up and give you energy to power through your day, the breakfast burrito is a great choice.

What is in the $5 Taco Bell breakfast box?

This breakfast box comes with 5 tacos, a drink, and a hash brown. The 5 tacos come with your choice of meat, and the drink is either a small coffee or a small soda. The hash brown is a nice addition to the breakfast box, and it’s a great way to start your day.

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