Outback Lunch Hours 2023: (opening & closing time)

If you’re into steak and similar dishes, you’ll love the menu at Outback Steakhouse better than many restaurants in the US. Outback is into the business of making and serving steak, and understandably, they don’t offer a breakfast menu; who eats steak for breakfast?

However, the lunch menu is well-received by fans of the restaurant with an affinity for steak. One factor that might hinder you from accessing your beloved meal is awfully restricting lunch hours that may prevent you from getting your food as early as you’d like.

In this article, you’ll learn what the Outback lunch hours are and why you should care about them. Also, I’ll show you some of the most enticing but healthy items on the Outback lunch menu to guide you through getting your lunch at the highly rated steakhouse.

When Does Outback Start Serving Lunch?

Most Outback restaurants serves lunch by 11:00 am.

All Outback fans are aware of the fact that the restaurant doesn’t open for breakfast. The reason for that is simple: almost every item on the Outback menu only applies for breakfast since nobody wants a good steak cut for breakfast.

For a restaurant that serves nothing for breakfast, you’d typically expect them to open for lunch faster than most other restaurants. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case since most Outback outlets will only open from 11:00 am to serve the breakfast menu.

Compared to most other restaurants, 11:00 am isn’t a terrible opening for lunch in the United States. However, many other restaurants that serve breakfast for the first few hours of the day serve lunch earlier than that, making it a terrible showing for Outback.

If you want insanely early lunch, you can go patronize one of those restaurants that serve around the clock. While you may not get Outback-specific steaks, you’ll still have access to food at hours when it’s simply unavailable at this restaurant. 

Note that no Outback outlet offers a 24-hour breakfast, but there are many restaurants offering something similar. Also, most of these restaurants have some kind of steak on their menu, but as expected, no steak comes close to the excellence of what’s on offer at Outback.

You can always confirm if an Outback outlet is still open by placing a call through to the customer service agent. Relevant numbers are available on the Outback website, which you can get by visiting the store locator on the website. The customer service, on the other end, should be able to provide specific details regarding opening and closing hours for lunch.

When Does Outback Stop Serving Lunch?

Unlike some other restaurants in the United States, Outback Steakhouse doesn’t serve items from the lunch menu all day. Around 4:00 pm, or after serving lunch for approximately five hours, the restaurant axes the lunch menu and switches fully to the very similar dinner menu.

In short, if you’re looking to get lunch at Outback, you must get to the restaurant before the closing time of 4:00 pm. Recall that getting to the restaurant before 11:00 am when the restaurant opens will only lead you to meet the door.

You shouldn’t instantly give up on getting lunch at Outback Steakhouse as soon as it’s 4:00 pm. The chefs might make a few more minutes’ worths of breakfast, giving you an unusual opportunity to access lunch outside the official hours.

Outback Lunch Hours 

Outback serves lunch from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. So if you’re looking to get lunch at Outback, you must get to the restaurant before the closing time of 4:00 pm. Recall that getting to the restaurant before 11:00 am when the restaurant opens will only lead you to meet the door.

Outback Lunch Menu

Just like Subway is popular for its sandwiches, Outback is more or less the steak capital of the United States. There are many kinds of steakhouse items on the menu for Americans who aren’t considering veganism soon.

The abundance of options may make it pretty difficult to decide on an item to have for breakfast. To help you out, here are some of the most delicious items on the Outback lunch menu for a filling afternoon meal.

  • The Grilled Chicken on the Barbie

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed meats in the United States, making my favorite meal on the Outback lunch menu. This meal is simply chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a sauce unique to the restaurant.

You can order this with many optional additions like the mixed veggies, which are actually for health freaks (who isn’t). Frankly, I care little about health and the only thing I can say about this meal is that it’s delicious.

  • Firecracker Salmon

Salmon isn’t one of my favorite foods, but I don’t hate it either. This meal only makes it to this list because it’s insanely popular among true fans of the Outback Steakhouse. If you’ve enjoyed salmon dishes in the past, the Firecracker Salmon should appeal to you.

Just as the name implies, the dish includes baked salmon with a unique Firecracker sauce. The sauce contains mango, onions, and cilantro, among many other items that are commonly used to make sauces for steaks.

  • Bloomin Burger

Life isn’t only about steak; sometimes, all you need for the perfect lunch is a large burger with sizeable chunks of meat as the patty. If you’ve tasted this burger once, you’ll always want to try it every day as a lunch dish if possible.

Outback serves the burger with fries or any other side of your choice. Don’t want any of the natural ingredients in your burger? The restaurant is much more willing to make a personalized burger to suit your standards. While Outback isn’t the best burger outlet, they made masterfully its burger.

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For diehard steak fans, getting lunch at Outback is non-negotiable. Part of why this is the case is because of the diverse menu, even if everything ends up revolving around steak. You can get a burger, of course, with a fat steak-based patty or the iconic Firecracker Salmon that many love.

It doesn’t matter what you end up getting at Outback Steakhouse; what matters is if you ended up getting it. If you can get to the restaurant after 11:00 am, and before 4:00 pm, nothing is stopping you from getting anything from the lunch menu.

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