Why Did McDonald’s Stop All Day Breakfast?

Why Did McDonald’s Stop All Day Breakfast

The only time you can criticize all-day breakfast is when it doesn’t exist. I’m a big proponent of people being able to choose when they want to eat whatever they feel like eating, but it seems like my priorities don’t necessarily align with that of the decision-makers at McDonald’s. While the restaurant tried its hands … Read more

What’s In McDonalds Ice Cream?

McDonalds Ice Cream

McDonalds ice cream is one of the most popular items on their menu. It’s a great way to get a sweet treat without having to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of different flavors of ice cream at McDonalds, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Some of our favorites include … Read more

Is Hardee’s Beef Real? All You Need To Know

Is Hardee's Beef Real

Hardee’s has been in the fast food industry for nearly 50 years, but only in the last several have they been able to offer their customers 100% real beef patties. Here’s everything you need to know about the Real Beef initiative at Hardee’s and why it’s important to you as a consumer. Does Hardee’s Use … Read more

What is The Biggest Sandwich at Hardee’s?

What is The Biggest Sandwich at Hardee's

Not only does Hardee’s offer the best fast food breakfast and lunch options in Wichita Falls, but also the biggest sandwiches in Wichita Falls as well! Whether you’re looking for a quick meal during your lunch break or want to take some food home with you after church, Hardee’s has got you covered.  And don’t … Read more

What is The Best Food at Subway? Read here

What is The Best Food at Subway

If you love the sandwich shop Subway but are always wondering what the best options are, then this article is for you! What is the best food at Subway? From six-inch subs to foot-long sandwiches, it’s hard to decide which one you want when everything looks delicious.  Learn which options are healthier, more filling, and … Read more

Why Does Chick fil A Make Me Poop?

Why Does Chick fil A Make Me Poop?

Correlation isn’t always equal to causation, but when the correlation starts to become excessive, there’s no other option than to adjudge it as the cause of the problem in question. One common complaint flying around the internet about Chick-fil-A lately is its tendency to make people poop, and with the frequency of complaints, it’s becoming … Read more

Are Hash Browns All Day at McDonalds?

Are Hash Browns All Day at McDonalds

McDonald’s has a couple of interesting breakfast items, and hash browns are one of the most remarkable. Not only are they loved by so many of the restaurant’s customers, but they’re also low in calories and perfect to get your day going. However, one problem with most of the fan-favorite dishes at McDonald’s is that … Read more